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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

Rough Patches in Depression

Rough Day

Rough patches are turbulence, and they are impersonal. Your rough day isn’t about you, and you aren’t served by knowing why the flow of things seems to be giving out beneath you. The airline pilot keeps you alive during your flight, not by keeping track of individual wind currents, but by keeping the principles of flight firmly on his or her mind. Your brain, your depression, social dysfunction around you, is best met not by your social conditioning. That system is itself mindless, unaware.

Rough patches are best met by this understanding, and please do take the time to understand this question when you are in this state. What do you choose? Your feelings matter as much as they help you matter. They matter as much as they help you express your honest self. The same is true with your thoughts and your ideas. How many of your ideas have you just chosen to have?

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“After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done.” Actually, a lot more will be undone than done, and it was undone during all the talking. I have found some ideas especially useful, some especially entertaining, and I am big on idea modification. I like to customize my ideas and change their emotional colour, or exact angle, or point of view, just because I feel like it.

Have you ever been very solemn about a joke, or laughed whole heartily at a hurt? I have, and it strips none of the meaning from either. It adds more meaning to both. Feel free to try it. You don’t have to tell anyone you are doing it. You can even adopt the experience in private if you prefer, but you will be surprised by how much you can really mean.

I would suggest not telling anyone. I don’t tell anyone anything I know is out of context for them. It defeats the communicative moment and I value the communicative moment. I experience life itself as communicative moments. They are my sacred thing. When you discover you can honestly mean anything, you come to understand what it is to really mean things.

Namaste and if you can’t mean well then mean something.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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