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Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

Allies Help me Create in Creativity


So shall I offer how my allies help me create?

First they flag things for me. Anger is a very enthusiastic hunter. Doubt is much more quiet. Fear is always reminding me of what I have already seen. These are my main three.

When they call my attention to the things they flag, they like to draw comparisons. Doubt often slows anger. Fear often reminds me that doubt is inconsistent, but my allies never agree, not by themselves. They agree when I pull their views together, and they are readily subject to suggestion. When I ask doubt to doubt itself, it does, and just remains still. When I remind anger that I am not its enemy, it is quite willing to take a breather. When I point out to fear that none of the stuff it keeps track of is present right now, it is more than willing to stop and smell the roses. But would these happen if I rejected my allies?

No. I guess not.

Instead of being thought by these things, I can do the thinking, and even if something doesn’t come readily to mind, guess who is willing and eager to go looking for it in my memory? Fear.

Your allies.

Ever notice how anxious you get when you can’t recall something? I don’t try to make myself recall it. I let fear play and do its thing. I can put my mind on whatever else I want. Fear loves resolving this stuff.

You are not your brain. Mother earth is your brain. Your brain is a whole ecosystem of things that you may very well be trying to strip-mine or “develop” into nice neat condominiums. Would you describe making yet another strip mall as a creative act?

It’s what every architect student fears will be his career. And they fear it because they feel like they have no other alternative. No other ideas to offer. Nothing that will persuade someone to let them do anything else.

Well, no other jobs offered. People have historically made jobs where there weren’t any.

Like homes that are the same. We call them cookie cutters, no creativity with each build.

Don’t define yourself by anything that is in your brain. That’s just your home location right now. It can change and has changed in the past. Creativity arises when you don’t mistake the forest for the trees, the landscape for the map. You can’t make your brain change just because you want it to. Does your brain stop being angry just because you want it to?

I use my language skills to maneuver through my emotions. Can you guess how many ways I have found to express and act on anger? I act on all my emotions. I like it better that way, but how I act, what I say and do, that’s entirely up to me every time. I only struggle when I am severely exhausted, very hungry or tired or ill.

I have been intensely polite and friendly to someone once, because they had made me intensely angry. My reason? I knew it would screw with their head really badly. They first got confused, then a bit depressed. When they got depressed I cheered them up and they lost all interest in doing the behaviour that was upsetting me. Would you say that was creative?

I like to paint with all the colours of the winds. Those that come out of my mouth, and everyone else’s too.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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