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Your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for.

Creating Head Space in Creativity


When song writing and bike riding become the same thing, then you understand creativity. If you can catch a wrench, you can catch a different view of your idea, or a severe headache, and then later a different view. How many times have your old ideas hit you over the head?

Not often. What happens when you try to hatch a new idea?

I tend to be obsessed with it all day. Ah, so you endure severe cognitive beating? Much too many wrenches?

Perhaps. Tired at the end of the day?

Actually, getting a new idea energizes me. When you finally get the new idea do they come easily?

Usually when I first wake up after I have been thinking about the problem the day before. Interesting. What was the passing of that day like?

The previous day or the day with the idea? The previous day.

It was grueling. They say in any given day you have more than 6000 thoughts, and they are the same 6000+ thoughts you had the previous day. Shall I explore why that’s true?

Your thoughts are not manufactured. They arise from a process of formative causation. Because certain thoughts were had before, they create more likelihood you will have those thoughts again. This is normal neuroscience so far. To take it further, and they have also confirmed this, your environment reinforces those thoughts. Thoughts you have heard shared, or had to process, reinforce the recall of your own thought set. So you have more than just the weight of your own thoughts, and how someone else is thinking has a great deal of influence on how you think even if you don’t share thoughts. Generally, it drags you back to your familiar state of mind. This is why artists crave isolation so frequently.

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Now what allows the formation of a new thought, and gives it room to take root, well, it’s like physics really. Space. Tightly packed thoughts reinforce each other. Like a rock, if you break into that, space those thoughts apart, and assume your natural stance in regard to that, you will much more easily see relevance and connection between things you think and things you habitually ignore, or connections between how likely you normally think something is and how likely something seems in that moment.

If I am doing my job right here, that’s all I am doing, making head space for you. I say a lot of things that people think of as nonsense, but perhaps I say them in such a way that your assumed truths look a bit more like nonsense, like maybe they could be. The more that happens, the more play room we have, and the more choice even outside of our talks.

And well, maybe what I say is not even nonsense and it just takes time to germinate. That mental “life” is the most nourishing thing I have ever encountered.

So yes, seek the flying spaghetti monster, and when you find him, EAT him!

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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