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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

Dragon’s Fire in Creativity


What about things that motivate us from inside? The things that motivate us from the inside, they sometimes whisper, sometimes roar. Why are they so variable?

Depends on what is talking I guess. I myself experience something that is metaphorically referred to as the dragons fire. Shall I share?

Everyone familiar with Celtic lore? For the Celts, the dragon and the land were the same thing. The spirit of the dragon and the spirit of the King were united in ceremony and hopefully in the Kings understanding as well. The King was supposed to be sensitive to the well being of the land, ready to respond to its needs and guide the people in prospering in the land. This by itself is not a creative act.

To science, I have something called aspergers syndrome, which there is some debate as to whether it should be called autism or not. Science is learning a lot about the difference that I experience, and I can confirm some of their theories from personal experience. To get down to the dragons fire, the world around me roars at me. I struggle to make coherent sense of anything I experience.

It’s stressful and also slows your response to some things. For me, any perception sort of fades in and out, even my habits do. I only realize something is something I “know” because bits and pieces of patterns have recurred frequently enough to stick in my memory. Like watching the world through flickering flame and smoke you can make out familiar things, but novel things look even more strange, and the sense of them can be swallowed up by the “fire”, the sound and fury of the land, just as readily.

This forces constant creativity? Yes, and has made people very frustrated with me in my past, my parents and teachers. I couldn’t just adopt and use their explanation and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. It was unintelligible to me.

Yes, doing by rote is not possible and the world does most that way. Yes.

Shall I share how this has affected my perception of human behaviour?

The small things have remained difficult for me to make sense of. They just sort of blur into the background noise. I have a hard time noticing one persons breakfast order over every other one that has stuck in my head. They have found that people like me have a stronger chain of neuron signals in the amygdala, which includes the hippocampus, so sensory stuff just doesn’t fade into the background very quickly or neatly. What does stand out are moments of human drama which always seem to be about what that person intended to do or intended to stop from happening.

The things I don’t notice. Yes, I remark on this stuff to my wife, and she is surprised.

Like emotions? Emotions, yes. Emotional reactions, but these intentions stand out as not being strongly connected to immediate activity. Their reaction has little to do with the price of a burger at McDonalds.

It’s also a stressful way to live. Society functions by ignoring these things.

You’d notice a personally prepared breakfast more if they made a fuss about it being incorrect? Yes, and they almost never do.

Thus medicines that are supposed to calm the neural input from the amygdala. I react poorly to those medications. They disorient me even more severely.

What about memory training games? I do quite well at memory training games in every area except the episodic. If I have to make it linear, I struggle.

I love the kind where you look at a bunch of objects and then try to guess which ones out of the many have been removed. I do missing item tasks very well, and hidden object, embedded or implied figure.

So how this relates to creativity… People reject the medium of the creative act. What this tells me about human creativity is that the intention remains an incomplete picture. For those of you who have been regulars to my class, my “special gift” is related to language, the one linked to my disability. Would you say that I have any trouble finding an endless number of ways of saying something?

Nope. I make no effort. It streams freely, and yet I wouldn’t say I am being creative, yet everything I have read or heard of seems to suggest that this is indeed what creativity is. What would you say?

I’d like to know what is happening to the creative process when one has writers block. I offer that everyone simply has writers block. They lose track of the medium because they fixate on the message, the literal letter of the message, and lose sight of the spirit of it. They become personally, emotionally invested in that specific message, and lose track of the intention behind it. Say things like “I can’t even remember what I was arguing about.” Ever experience this?

“What were we talking about?” Yes.

The flow is interrupted.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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