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Science started with the uncensored motive to understand, and they called it magic.

Afraid to Burn in Creativity


A little science here, and I hope you don’t mind a mild adult reference. They have found that the brain responds the same to orgasm as it does to extreme agony, and the female orgasm even activates the emotional response very little or not at all.

Explains why I’ve seen women giving birth and the moment is like a sexual climax for them. They have even confirmed that some women do orgasm in child birth. What more primordial process of creation is there in human experience? Why aren’t we all freely and constantly creative? Create as steadily as we breath? Picasso said that one can’t be a sorcerer constantly. It would make you go mad. That was his metaphor for his work, we are afraid to burn.

The physical body cannot sustain that level of energy output it seems.

We create every moment in our lives. Our lives are creations.

Being creative isn’t just about making art. Day to day living is a creative process in itself.

Our lives are reactions. They express very different degrees of creativity. I will support this point if it is welcome. Even in the ancient arcane arts they describe the practice as working with an inner fire.

There is little difference between you and a fruit fly, physically. What makes the fly become a fly, and humans become humans, goes beyond simple chemical structure. We have life processes that we need not tend. Nature itself has set those up to work pretty reliably for us in most cases, most of the time, and this whole web of existence is reactive. The whole process of oxygen metabolism is reactive.

We also have an inner drive. It’s not reactive. An inner drive. Drive is not the same as simply living, and this drive can know very real and deep compromise.

Drive is purpose? Drive is beyond purpose, but it originates our sense of purpose, yes.

I’d say my inner drive has also been a reaction, sort of like what drives fish to swim to their spawning grounds?

Drive starts with reaction. It’s a pattern that extends beyond any single life form. We are driven by the changes of the seasons. We can’t deny this. They have even found a biological season clock in a sea dwelling arthropod. It tells it when spawning season has arrived.

Yeah, we tend to buy more groceries when the weather gets cooler. Stocking up just in case. Even though we really don’t get extreme winters here, we still do it.

Survival by itself is not something we have consciously decided on. We have lived under the hand of the gods for a very long time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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