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Science started with the uncensored motive to understand, and they called it magic.

Speaking of Necessity in Creativity


What would it mean to actually live your life? Is living life defined by moving with these predefined factors? Are you living your life because of your home? Or your job? Because of your relationships? What happens when we try to own a relationship? Or feel owned by it?

Those things, or lack of them leave me feeling guilty that I am not living the life expected of me. An expected life, what sort of life is that?

It’s a life on hold since you fear nothing you do will satisfy them.

Perhaps we are not owned by all around us, but instead merged with it. What is the difference between ownership and merger?

Merger is being part of everything. Ownership is isolation.

Merger might be more voluntary and conscious.

Why do we try to own anything then? Is it enough to be part of your clothes?

As long as they fit. If I am part of my clothes, is that enough when they are stripped from me?

Clothes? Yes, like having your clothes stolen when you go skinny dipping.

If it is hot, it is good. Actually, if it is hot it can be very bad. Those who dwell in the hottest part of the earth try to cover every part of their body that is practical.

To prevent skin from burning, but very thin, loose fitting robes. Indeed, they prefer breathable fabrics.

Nasty sandstorms. You want certain parts well covered.

Would it have been enough, back in our ancestors day, that they were part of their horse?

You are speaking of comfort? I am speaking of necessity. They say it’s the mother of invention. We judge that some things are necessary. What is created in a state of total non necessity?

Frivolity? Even frivolity is motivated by a necessity. Activity is necessary.

Necessity for survival.

Pop stars. Celebrities aren’t necessary but we love them for that. They are necessary. The hero gods of Greece were very necessary.

We don’t need movie stars but we want them. We actually need them. We know ourselves through them.

Why is it so important to have the same clothes that Princess Kate has? It is important to believe we can have those clothes. It is important to believe that things can change. How do we know that things can change? How do we track change at all? Is there a difference between creativity and change?

Everything is always in change. Why is everything always in change?

Everything is in a constant state of change even at the molecular level.

Movement is life.

Change is death and life.

Energy is matter in motion.

They speak of humanity having a divine spark. The divine spark burns. As I said, we don’t want to die, but we don’t want to live either.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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