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The great prophets were described as madmen.

Apparent Enemy As Biggest Ally in Twisted Ritual

Twisted Ritual

In voodoo, when working with Legba, they often pray for the exact opposite thing they want. If they want to recover from an illness, they ask Legba to make them horribly sick. It causes the same force to surface. If they want to find love, they ask Legba to drive all love very far away, but working with such a being isn’t suitable for everyone. This is why they choose the leader of their head, as the term translates. One aspect or spirit that seems to be dominant in their life, and try to understand life from that point of view. Like depressed people. They would work with Baron Samedi, the loa of death, with the guidance of a priest of course.

So what intuition tells me. I can work with the same spirit or energy or the opposite, but I need a focus of the things I want? Yes. Your apparent enemy can be your biggest ally, but not while you fight them.

Like pain. Yes. This is medical insight. Resisting pain, heightened pain, hating your pain and resenting it actually makes it more intense because your effort to resist causes tension in your body.

Work with it and with the joy of free movement at the same time? Exactly. Pain and joy are not enemies.

But opposite? Complimentary. May I ask about your specific pain?

Back pain and neck. They alternate. Ok. Now imagine what it would be like if the back and neck pain dominated your awareness. How would you move if the back and neck pain were just too much to bear? I’d do all kinds of things.

Often times a pain is just showing you how to heal it, but we lose this healing insight by fighting the pain. If it makes you want to double over, then double over. This often triggers a necessary shift that makes the pain less or even go away entirely.

I acknowledge them, they lessen and go away, but do come back. If you dramatize the pain cycle then. Recognize the way it comes and goes. You can gain insight that way as well. Like maybe it happens every time you go out in the sun for too long, or maybe when you have had too much coffee, but this won’t be clear without letting it express itself.

I hope this was helpful. Those dark and spooky things you hear about are more likely to be something far less psycho than people make it out to be. Most people do just want to live their lives, and some are just fed up with living under the tension of the powers that be in our society. So they seek release in rituals that others consider creepy. There really isn’t a monster under your bed. The dark alleys are just dark alleys and life can be lived.

The monsters of the mind are often the worst ones. Yes, because you are on their side. Until you realize you are, you will remain on their side.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be good my friends, or be good at it.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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