'Twisted Ritual' Chapter

Twisted Ritual

Practices designed to serve a deconstructive purpose. Every ritual undertaken casts a light out into the world. Every light casts a shadow. The practice is to perform rituals specifically to access these shadows and strengthen them. The reason we often stay stuck in problems is because we fight the problem.

An example of twisted ritual would be to take your coping mechanism and reverse it. People get stuck in ends and destroy means, thus wind up having no means to achieve their ends. Get so hung up on goals they ignore the process, and the process that gets you to any goal always seems either like a problem or like experience. Ritual takes you out of yourself and into the focus of the ritual, into the problem.

“If you stand straight, do not fear a crooked shadow.” Chinese Proverbs

Ritual for Deconstructive Purpose

Dark Metaphysics has been about the dark side of metaphysics and magickal practice. I mean to explore all the things that people find spooky about what might be happening in the magickal word and among magicians. Today, we are talking… Seek More

Ritual Dark Mirror

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Creating Memory With Ritual

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Into The Problem

Ritual or not (I am not big on ritual myself), part of what often keeps us stuck in our problems is the struggle we have with them. On modern application of twisted ritual, the reason we often stay stuck in… Seek More

Apparent Enemy As Biggest Ally

In voodoo, when working with Legba, they often pray for the exact opposite thing they want. If they want to recover from an illness, they ask Legba to make them horribly sick. It causes the same force to surface. If… Seek More