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Most of peoples impulses are right.

Creating Memory With Ritual in Twisted Ritual

Twisted Ritual

What exactly does ritual “do” to the energy field? Ritual is an application of the observer effect, and creates a model of the intention to be observed in the world and by the world. So ritual creates a memory in the world. In the place it was done, in the people who participated in it, and in those people that were the subject of the ritual work.

Like a pattern? Yes. This ritual expression of the intention partially manifests it. It helps set the whole process in motion.

Even if they died? Ritual can involve the departed as well, or those who have never incarnated, or manifest in ways other than our own and thus don’t appear to be incarnated. The world isn’t swarming with ghosts. Most people move on, but the world is alive with spirits. These just usually keep to themselves. The same reason you might not talk to a tree is the same reason it doesn’t talk to you.

So rituals give or take energy? Give or disperse energy. Energy that you don’t have a connection with can’t be taken. You also have a connection with that other. Connections are a personal matter. I myself form connections with people only awkwardly myself. This involves the metaphysical level as well.

But with the earth shift does it stay personal? No. Ultimately all ritual will expand just as all light does and all shadow.

Expanding universe. Expanding and enfolding. Replicating and diversifying. There is no void anywhere, just points many judge anathema, toxic, unclean, so yes.

Anathema? Adversarial. Counter to the proper balance. This is mostly human opinion. Eurynome was originally a Greek creative Goddess and earth mother figure. Then the Romans gave her a sex change and made her an infernal power, because the rites of Eurynome were judged anathema to the state doctrine. Rome loved the concept of the divine right of kings.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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