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Attention is the Stone in Laguz

Laguz Rune

When a being emerges into this reality it creates a breach wave. An array of probabilities collapse and come together to make space for the newly emerged being. Probability doesn’t create you, it’s created by you. It’s your shadow or footprint in the world around you.

Now all the information flowing around you is influenced by your interference in the flow. This interference arises by simple virtue of your consciousness. Your mind apprehends a broad subset of information which is energy, and you create imprints or impressions in this energy both by observing it and localizing it in the space around you. A sort of reflection or refraction. The Buddhist and Hindu emphasis on training the sense carefully is very well founded, but this goes further than that.

The senses reflect, attention refracts, bends and dictates exactly how the energy will spin through your horizon space. Your attention is the stone, and how you place it changes the flow of all information energy around you. Now if you minimize this stone, and poke it full of holes, you have something like a pumice. What impact would that have on a river?

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Not as much…it would float. Float and float away contributing little or nothing to the information flow of the river.

It would still displace water though. Yes, a little bit of impact.

What does the advice to go with the flow tell people about who they are or how they should be?

Like pumice, not have any effect. Is there really so much virtue in floating in the stream? Making no waves?

Probably depends on the situation. The situation depends on the observer not the other way around. At the centre of a fractal you have the core pattern, but as you move out toward the horizon you have smaller but still coherent repetitions of the pattern. The waves created by the stone always reflect the stone. They can be traced back to the stone for as long as you know how to track them.

So the little cycles that would seem to have nothing to do with what you are immediately aware of, or are personally doing, are still connected directly to your efforts, your expression, your energy, the mood you carry with you. And the many different ways this affects those around you, it isn’t just accidental, it isn’t meaningless. Each repetition is just a shift of axis, a change of facet. Maybe it seems different, but that’s an illusion. Every positive motivation you have has a negative element in it. Every negative feeling or moment of despair you have has a positive element in it like the yin yang symbol. One of the worlds oldest symbols of flow. The Chinese parallel to this rune.

Yin Yang DragonsEveryone familiar with the vision of Merlin? It was in his early years that his gift of insight was innate. A noble asked him about why the castle he sought to build was suffering so many set backs.

He sees into the future because it’s his past? It is his space, neither past nor future for his time was space like, and well… Space was time like as well, structured and progressive. But he advised the noble telling him that in his vision the earth beneath the site held two struggling dragons, one white and one red, and that unless the balance between them was addressed, that structure would not stand. Even if they completed building it, it would come to quick ruin.

In Chinese lore dragons are flows. Dragon lines as well as rivers were the paths of dragons and the behaviour of dragons, the “passions” being expressed. These could dictate everything going on around them potentially in perpetuity.

Are ley lines related? Yes, the paths of the serpent though not as codified in Norse and Native American lore. The wyrd is the same thing. Geomancy, sidh, seith, shamanic voyaging. All were connected to these patterns of flow, and all sought one thing, to change the relationship of the seeker with the flows. To change the locus of attention. In the case of ecstatic states, even expanding the range of influence of that attention. Amplifying it’s potential impact through enhanced resonance.

If you want to be sure your voice is heard, find a spot with better acoustics. Sound is flow and air / sonic flow is no different than blood flow or cash flow.

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