'Laguz' Chapter

Laguz Rune

Laguz is the rune of water, flow and that entire dynamic in the world around us. Flow is the nature of life energy, the air we breath, the water that makes the greatest portion of our bodies, really everything is flow just some things show that more obviously than others. Our physical reality is shaped by flows. In any given situation you can finesse your attention and its structure toward any locus / focus /choice you want, and thereby create entirely new outcomes.

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Reality is Shaped by Flows

This is the rune laguz. If the rune seems to suggest the word lake or leek, there is a reason for that. This is the rune of water, flow and that entire dynamic in the world around us. So where… Seek More

Attention is the Stone

When a being emerges into this reality it creates a breach wave. An array of probabilities collapse and come together to make space for the newly emerged being. Probability doesn’t create you, it’s created by you. It’s your shadow or… Seek More

Finesse the Blade of Your Attention

What do people generally do with flow? Probably not much. Why?¬†They don’t know they can. This rune is a ships rudder and a warriors blade as well. We are convinced we can do nothing with flow because we are told… Seek More

Patterns of Attention

Anyone want to offer a test situation? Any situation? Yes. Right now, in Guild Wars 2, I am trying to figure out how my guardian can take on many enemies at once. Ok, that will work. Where do you stick… Seek More

No One Fails

It may seem that the world does whatever it wants. This is only a superficial observation and not very helpful really. Ever notice that the events or outcomes of the lives of people you know well are largely rather predictable?… Seek More