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The future is an ever shifting pageant of shadow puppets that darken as light shines more directly on them.

No One Fails in Laguz

Laguz Rune

It may seem that the world does whatever it wants. This is only a superficial observation and not very helpful really. Ever notice that the events or outcomes of the lives of people you know well are largely rather predictable?

I have. More in some than in others. We know people who always go with the emotional option. They cling to values that make them believe they have to focus on that, make those choices. What are those peoples lives like?

Dramatic. Turbulent. We also know people who always go with the systemic option, treat everything as a machine. What are those peoples lives like?

Orderly and boring. Dry, often lonely. We also know people who always go with the abstract option, always focus on the figurative elements of a situation. What are their lives like?

Changing. Directionless? Nihilistic. An all too popular attitude these days. Each of these people would seem like a failure in a way wouldn’t they?

Yes. They are not. None of them are. No one fails. They are all wildly successful, very skilled at their outcomes, very well versed in what they have experienced, and often they are very good at navigating their chosen element in other peoples lives. The drama queen often gives great emotional advice do they not?

True. The figure head is great at pointing out what something could potentially be and thus become. There are many very famous and popular figure heads right now. We call them actors and tech moguls and politicians.

Are there those who employ multiple tools? Not really, not usually. People tend to specialize and that’s ok because it’s more about the medium than the mechanism anyway, and well, we do have natural identities. It’s hard for the musician to put music down, but, attention, focus… Earlier I compared attention to a sword because it can become stuck in places and can and does leave permanent marks, create lasting change. But it can also be a painters brush which originally was also a writers pen, same thing. The only difference being the use of ink or pigments.

You can draw outside of the lines. You can trace your attention to new points of focus which are the same as new choices, and using your same familiar tool create new outcomes. That’s why a figure head like Mark Zuckerberg, who is not known for being socially skilled or even inclined to put much importance in those skills, has made such a huge impact on the social world anyway.

In any given situation, you can finesse your attention and its structure toward any locus / focus / choice you want, and thereby create entirely new outcomes. Ultimately, your preferences will impart structure to those explorations anyway. You will not choose some options or ways of seeing a situation simply because you personally don’t want to, or begin to feel too out of your element to do so. It can be self destructive to push yourself too far. You don’t need to be all things to all people and that includes yourself. Be yourself to yourself and things will work out optimally.

Any questions about flow or how to navigate it?

How to use this rune. Anyone seeking a reminder, to both be more creative and mindful of their choices, would be well served by carrying this rune and marking it on their notes. Laguz, water, but it also carries with it a warning. As you engage the flow there is the danger of leaking out of control, becoming exhausted. That’s why trying to take all paths, use all tools, is unwise. As much as many people brag they are able to, even neuroscience has very firmly established this. If we multitask, we just choose to do nothing well.

So take your sword, your pen, your distaff, your shepherds crook, whatever your tool may be, and remember that you choose where to direct it. How it’s disposed. and to what you attend. Practical situations can be nurtured just as much as children can. Human beings can be understood as fully as computers can which is not as fully as many tech heads seem to brag. My wife can speak from experience there. Can people fully understand computers or any technology?

Code is so complex today, it’s beyond any single person.

The heart of it all is to remember that no matter what tool you use, no matter what way you structure your attention most comfortably, it’s used in an art and art is all about perspective, focus of attention and the ability to explore that fully. I know of an artist who spent virtually their whole career finding a thousand ways to explore cats and they did find countless ways.

So free your creative focus. Free your attention to range over your heart space. Feed the soul as this is your real life and strength anyway.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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