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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Finesse the Blade of Your Attention in Laguz

Laguz Rune

What do people generally do with flow?

Probably not much. Why?¬†They don’t know they can.

This rune is a ships rudder and a warriors blade as well. We are convinced we can do nothing with flow because we are told we will bleed, that there will be loss. Everything about what we are taught is about the risk of loss, and the idea that we can get lost, that we cannot adjust to things or understand things beyond our immediate range of experience.

Your immediate range of experience is the same medium ultimately as any other place in the flow. The reason it seems different is you haven’t turned your rudder. You haven’t gained a feeling for, let alone tried, to finesse the blade of your attention. Everything looks differently from a different angle.

Are you familiar with change blindness? They say it’s just human nature, an insurmountable limitation of the human brain, and they froth rather excitedly at what it might mean, what they could perhaps do with it, what they have really already done with it. Social engineering. Memory engineering coming soon. Even naturally occurring false memory. There is a reason memory can be false. What do you think it is?

We don’t see everything. Memory is a sense only. It has always been meant to be dynamic. They speculate about the memory limits of the human brain, but that line of reasoning is irrelevant. Memory exists to function like our skin does for our bodies. To let us feel the flow of probability around us and feel pressures that may injure us. Even tell us if we are stable enough to move forward, but not to constrain our potential. Your behaviour is ultimately dictated by not only where you place your attention, but also how you place that attention.

Example. In any given situation there are many elements, mechanical facts, emotional conditions, cognitive gestalts. How many elements are most people aware of in any situation they find themselves in?

Three. Everyone is aware of three? Well, our brains seem to like three. There are more points than three of course. Environmental symbiogenesis, temporal acoustics, oh, the list is long.

I was once told that a presentation should always have three points even if you only have two, make up a third. Yes, but what three will you pick? And the fourth in your set is the observer, the attention dynamic. So in each situation, you don’t have one or two possible ways it could unfold, you have many. At least three, and do things always turn out the same way?

No. There is a culture that even has that as its counting system. One, Two, many.

There are at least six that I can think of. But let’s look at how flow and focus works. Anyone care to offer a hypothetical situation?

Sounds like the Druegar in Dragonlance. How so? They can’t count above two. Ask them how many people there were, they will say “two!!” Ah yes, but two will be very distressing. But Druegar are different than the Gully Dwarves. Gully Dwarves played a bigger role in the story line than they did.

Perhaps that’s who I am thinking of.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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