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Death is the great equalizer, and all change is heat death, a.k.a. entropy.

Be Informed by Your Affinities in Advice


So do you need advice? Yes, you need to be informed by your affinities, your feelings of love and attraction, trust and yearning. You also need to be informed by your antipathies, your sense of the diseased and confused, the rabid and threatening. These come not from striving, and not from some rare mystical ascension, but from a simple centred attention aligned to the dynamics or forces that gave shape to your living being in the first place.

There is no truth to be found in concepts of truth no matter how prettily the thinking is framed. The truth is in the centre and only the centre holds, only the centre truly learns and grows. You cannot be lied to unless you are seeking it. You cannot be truthed to unless you are seeking it. Better to seek naturally occurring connection. In this you will experience genuine truth. In all the stories you come across, in all the reasons why that make the world go round, this is where you stand a chance of finding wisdom. Things said to you are land marks. You know the territory when you start seeing peoples reasons why. You are in dark country when you hear people saying, “Because I have to!” You are in the land of the blind when you here people saying, “Because it’s right!” They are blinded by the light they are so enamoured with, a self generated light, self sustained righteousness, and like a confused glowbug, they wind up inbreeding with each other. You will not find a novel thought in that whole territory.

Yes, the circle-jerk. Indeed. You will know you are in healthy territory when you hear “Because I want …” and “Because I feel.” These groups and areas are those that actually feed human development and well being, nurture genuine growth and evolution, not leaving your soul as little more than a beautifully twisted and dwarfed bonsai tree that will be killed by the next bad mudslide.

So it’s better to hear, “It feels right than simply, because it’s right.” Indeed, but you must hear all of it. It’s how you will navigate, and in any territory, dark and light, you will find the rudimentary elements of what can become something new and enlightening when you find the space for it to actually grow, to be built upon. No one is a fool no matter how blinded they are. There are no fools anywhere. That’s why there are so many lost souls. They are well equipped to go wherever they are going, even if they have no desire to get there.

It’s the familiar elements that make people feel at home. Borrow their tools, adopt their vehicles, use their trains of thought if they seem useful. Use them, but don’t be used by them. Lose them rather than be lost in them. Does this all seem like ambiguous mystical nonsense?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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