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Food, sex, wealth, these are the things of the devil? So why do all our righteous leaders have them?

Secret of Liberation in Advice


So back to advice, how do we shape our consensus? How do we move the unmoved mover? The uncaused cause? How did Orpheus make the gods weep?

What book is that from? Greek mythology. There are many accounts. I can’t recall a specific book at the moment. This is why he eventually achieved apotheosis though.

How did Orpheus make the gods weep? He challenged their sense of self. He opened their eyes to an experience of creation they otherwise ignored, made them feel for humans and the human condition.

If you want to be right, if you want to know the genuine truth, then realize it is all fiction. No ones advice is beneath you. They are all wrong and so are you. The message is greater than the messenger. When you kill the messenger, you kill the truth and you kill yourself. Your soul dies a death of a thousand cuts.

I really enjoy the advice and stories of the worlds most ignorant people. They show me the cracks in the foundation of the consensus, underscore most clearly the potential for change in humanity. The wise ones are the most blind.

I think that’s called the internet, so much drama.

I always prefer reading comments than the actual article I was using to find an answer.

The more consistent their stories are, the less likely they are to use what they know for anything creative. They say that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king, when in truth it’s the one with eyes wide shut who rules.

Perhaps I can illustrate. Give me the worst advice you can, as bad as you can possibly make it.

Make sure to drink plenty of alcohol before you drive, it makes your driving better.

You should tell your cat he secretly loves dogs.

Might makes right.

You have each told me of your primary concerns; safety and security, human respect and compassion, truth and justice. I don’t have to concern myself with what you said. I actually have to ignore it. All your fears, all your wisdom, I have to ignore it. I have to see the spirit of your behaviour, not what you chose to say, but why you chose to say it. This ‘why’ is the machine that drives the entirety of human reality, actually drives all reality, and is what science, politics and religion have not awakened to yet. They function with a half baked grasp of this insight, but with as little as they understand of it, how much power does it give them?

Well, they all have quite a lot of power in our society; scientists, politicians, and religionists. That power is real, substantial, but vestigial, underdeveloped and sickly. Why is that?

They all think they are right. Exactly. They think they can possess truth. Everyone thinks they can own it, measure it, think they know it when it’s apparent, but truth is never apparent, it is perpetually emergent. It’s what drives the process of evolution and creativity itself.

There is a real world, but you haven’t yet seen it. You have been immersed in a dream, a dream of thinking, of planning and striving and achieving. The real world is not fixed in form. It’s living, changing, shifting like the shadows on the philosophers cave wall.

Now that being said, it’s also not true. It is also as readily at hand and apparent as the back of your hand proverbially speaking. The brain never stops working. You can’t make it stop. Your efforts to change it, educate and train it are what blind it. Despite millennia of villainizing the flesh and the natural world, the secret of liberation has always been right there, available to us the whole time. When you make no effort to perceive, then measure and analyze, your brain recognizes patterns anyway, makes associations naturally and freely. When you make no effort to express yourself, to set yourself apart as distinct from your peers, your brain will find itself anyway through a natural and instinctive process of association, affiliation, affinity. Your brain assembles a self image not because it’s biologically glitched, or spiritually blind and deluded, but because this process reflects a fundamental truth underlying all living existence.

It gets deranged when we want to insert an unnatural stop, when we artificially interject a block between our affinities and the unknown. We have a mirror instinct here, but this becomes twisted and sick under the influence of regular, regulated thinking. We have a natural sense of the disturbed, of the disease ridden and unwell, of the toxic and threatening. So far, how well does this guide our behaviour as a society?

It makes us gawkers. Like moths to a flame we line up to be the next to be sacrificed to ideals that have nothing to do with the awareness I have described.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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