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Birthing Cry of the Singularity in Morphic Resonance

Platonic Forms

Everyone familiar with the concept of the singularity?

After a point, our grasp of science and technology will advance far enough that it in a sense outstrips our ability to understand it. A sufficiently advanced technology will seem like magick, but I am not entirely in agreement with the conventional model of the singularity.

Science is advancing because consciousness is changing, and even now they have discovered interesting things about human evolution, something called HARs, and they are the primary thing that differentiates us from other simians. HAR stands for Human Acceleration Region and we are capable of mutating much more rapidly than they previously believed. That and they have also recently came to the conclusion that the chemical study of a single cell organism is inadequate. They discover too much of what they call novel behaviour in the cells that is not accounted for by a simple set of chemical reactions.

So yes, the birthing cry of the singularity will not be better inorganic computers, it will be a fuller understanding of consciousness. What it is, how it changes, how it can be engineered and enhanced, as well as a better understanding of the relationship between organisms, like how our intestinal bacteria affects our consciousness, things like that.

Now this may result in a biological spamming of human systems. People may be quite eager to evolve, so to speak, and may alter their biology and consciousness in any number of random and ultimately faddish ways. Prada engineered eyes anyone?

That would give “The Devil Wears Prada” a whole new meaning.

Some people may choose their biomods for more utilitarian purposes. A genetic change that makes you cease needing vaccinations. They are working on that. There are already organisms that have the ability naturally though it lacks efficiency.

Yes, imagine what could be done for persons needing new organs or organ repair. Ah, they are already working on a gene therapy for cardiac repair. It is working pretty reliably and it’s already in human trials.

Stem cells? No, genes, just genes. They identified two that seem to get eliminated in heart stress. Put those back and the heart proceeds to recover. So it could go one of two ways, genetic consumerism right along side our other industries, and consciousness that’s structured like the internet is now, full of a great deal of noise and spam.

They 3D printed a liver that can live 40 days. Yes. They have even devised a way to remedy organ rejection. They can coat an organs tissue skeleton with your own induced stem cells. It’s still mostly foreign cells, but with the stem cell paint job your body doesn’t recognize it as a foreign organ.

I wonder if you can cover a liver in the shape of reindeer or Santa Claus. Complex structures would be very prone to injury. But the other option going forward, with careful consideration if the insights are not automatically co-opted by the corporate set, they have the potential to discover principles of order and evolution that we were always meant to access and work to foster that sort of growth. Uplifting the Gaia organism itself to a new level of consciousness. Gorilla engineers might very well contribute huge insights that we would never think of. Dolphin physicians operating the controls from a complex nanosurgery kit could save lives and respect the spirit of the organism in ways humans might not be able to manage.

Imagine bees designing flight plans for airports. They would be very well qualified. Biocomputers are really just a more narrow minded view of what I am talking about. Though we could contribute enhancements to the hive mind that would greatly expand what it’s naturally capable of. Its voluntary cooperation in our computation efforts could have a huge impact on things.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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