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The system of ‘should’ doesn’t seem to have anyone who’s knowingly in charge. It’s sort of like a mental virus. Choice is power. Should is force and static.

Neo-platonic Forms in Morphic Resonance

Platonic Forms

Shall we discuss the neo-platonic aspect of today’s class? Platonic forms are what we have historically observed. What has formed the memory traces in the collective unconscious and in the species memory of any species even in the planets mineral memory. Minerals are the basis of biological evolution. Any new bacterial strain, any virus, and any impact they have on so called higher orders of life, directly borrows from the earths chemical and mineral memory, even expressed in the physical structure of the most “base” things, dirt and genetic slime.

“Platonic forms” in the collective unconscious of everything that exists.

Neo-platonic forms emerge as the range of perception and observation increases. Our technology even now is advancing in amazing ways. We are inventing new materials that never occur in nature. Graphene which seems now to be able to act like states of matter it’s not technically supposed to. Carbon isn’t a metal, but when arranged correctly it acts like one, and we even now have the ability to produce a metal that is very much like sci-fi adamantium. It’s virtually indestructible, and potentially infinitely sharp, figuratively speaking, through nanolamination.

So our experience of the world, nature, and ourselves is expanding, and as our collective observations evolve, so will the implicate platonic forms around us.

I’ve heard they are now making bulletproof suits out of nanotubes for office execs. It figures it would be office execs, but what can’t be purchased can be pirated if necessary. Hubris will get the one percent ultimately nowhere. They wouldn’t want to give it to the military. Armies are too egalitarian, ultimately composed of people from just about all social strata.

I don’t think 3D printers can make nanotubes yet. They can’t yet. Apparently the necessary alignment is rather demanding, fine tuned, but there are many possible options going forward.

The 3D printing would need to be as exactly aligned as the printout. In other words, nano-scale. Yes and they are exploring ways it would be possible, but even more appropriate to today’s topic is 4D printing. Constructs designed to respond to different inputs and their environment to reconfigure as needed. So by way of extreme example, our current definition and perception of discrete and concrete objects could in theory vanish as nanoscale objects are 4D engineered to configure into any purpose we might choose for them. Your shoes become a hammer. Your bedroom become a bathroom just because it got the right command, and then revert back again. No waste or dust accumulating anywhere. It’s all taken up for repairs or fuelling of the system around you.

I ponder walking through walls: a wall becomes a hallway….

When the concept of an object stops being a concrete thing, how could we even imagine treating other people as objects? In a sense, it would be an entirely living world.

We would identify each other as co-observers?

They all seem ephemeral already to some people.

We could even reverse engineer the genetic code of any of our ancestors, as far as that turns out to be practical, and incorporate their information into that living world. Even if you couldn’t have the soul of the departed, you could literally live in the memories of those who had gone before, even share in them.

But wouldn’t that have an effect upon our own genetic information? It would eventually, yes, especially if the ancestor were actually returned to life, but an organic copy of the entity is not the entity. They will find it very complicated to do what they expect to be able to do to consciousness with material technology alone.

So yes, we see neo-platonic forms emerging around us even now.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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