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We are, each of us, worthy. Equally worthy. We all exist because nature wanted a “you”.

Informing Things in Morphic Resonance

Platonic Forms

How many powers does your mind have? What do you think?

Including potential? Infinite? I offer that it has only one. It holds. It freezes. It doesn’t record. It isolates, suspends. All are the same process. Now the universe itself is dynamic. By definition all energy in it is in a constant state of exchanging potential.

How do you produce an echo?

Bounce sound. A sound wave has to be constrained to produce an echo. Isolated. The sound has to have a limit to how far it can go, and also has to be conserved, held back from being absorbed. Seeing the pattern here?

Form? Yes, informing things. Your observation produces a space. Your observational samples don’t create countless holes in that space as much as it might feel like it may. Your observational sampling creates a unified whole of energy and information. Each body of energy information being momentarily held back until you express it again. Like the diverse elements of DNA, the energy you sample with your observation combines producing a new form. This form is expressed and interacts with other forms creating greater possible energy in the field of information around us. Because you had an experience that is subtly different from anyone else, that potential is added to the collective range of possibility for that experience, and the form behind it evolves.

“I observe, therefore MY world exists”? Yes, and you are observed therefore you exist. Plants adapt themselves to their biomes. Animals adapt themselves to their food sources. Plants adapt to weather conditions and also adapt the weather conditions. This is why we have a breathable atmosphere at all.

Observation occurs before the functions of the senses. The senses are a lens. One facet in the entire spectrum in the event, and you observe in a much broader way then you typically keep track of. You mostly dismiss it as subjective or personal experience. The internal aspect of your experience is not internal. You have no locus into which anything can be internalized.

What happens when someone goes into sensory deprivation tanks? When someone goes into a sensory deprivation tank they invert. They do not revert as there is no actual axis in time that they can regress on. Just as a sea urchin can be observed to invert as it gestates to maturity, and really so does any cell when it fissions, the mind inverts and you begin taking in the psychic or astral landscape.

John Cage made a big point of there actually being no “silence.” Even in the tank one hears the nervous system and the hearts activity. So, perhaps the mind would “invert” to those sounds. It inverts even further into a state of quantum resonance as its own signal remains entangled with the systems it had been in communication with for so long. You stop being sensitive to particles. which means you stop being sensitive to particulars, and attune.

I recently read that when people go into the quietest room in the world, they can only last about 45 minutes before they go crazy. They can hear their own internal organs, heart, stomach, etc. and it’s very unsettling. Yes. To waves, neural and cardiac rhythms just being among the most macroscopic. They also hear intentions, all the conflicting intentions in themselves and their environment. They can’t identify one thing to do. Their nervous system wants to do all of it. This causes serious anxiety attacks especially as the greater mass of those intentions would not resonate with the individuals will. Part of the reason I so often hound my wife into talking to me, being autistic, is because I don’t want to drone, and I do want to screen out the noise I am sensitive to.

Needing an echo? Actually, her echo just helps me reorder my own. That complex structure serving as a reference point. Constructive interference is what I have heard it called. A more ordered system pulling a less ordered system into greater conformity with it.

I ponder one’s allowing oneself to be “pulled.” No resistance to that pull. You have every time you let someone help you up off the ground, and yes, resistance is a choice, or at least more often than not it is.

Or perhaps out of a confused state of mind. It helps in that way also.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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