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Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Wooden Coffee Table in Morphic Resonance

Platonic Forms

Example, let’s take a wooden coffee table. There exists in our world the potential for wooden coffee tables. The laws of physics shape how it would be mechanically engineered. The laws of biology shape the exact material properties of the wood, and the laws of human cognition shape the place the coffee table has in the entire ecosystem of technology. What causes these three dynamics to come together to express a coffee table is the form of the coffee table, and the form of all variations of the coffee table, and whatever passes for a coffee table in the next universe over. All of these things together make the form, the object being just one expression of it.

If the same “observation” reference-interference events occurred in different places, would the same events (“forms”?) also occur? Thus, would the same “things” appear multiple times in multiple universes?¬†Observation is communication, resonant. The only way the coffee table can occur is by referencing the form of the coffee table, which would not itself bear the name coffee table, or the express limitations of a coffee table.¬†In metaphysics, this entity would be called an ent or an elemental, and anything invested would instead be discovered, or rather revealed.

Forms have no rate of occurrence. Objects have rate of occurrence, and even dimension or frequency of occurrence over time. The observation occurs when your attention is gained. Forms are attention getting patterns. There are forms for which we have no material expression, but they are very real and even possessed of greater energy, power and influence, than say a coffee table. The algorithms they now use to make financial decisions would be one example. Big data analysis and the industry that’s emerging from it.

So forms are prior to our observations. Indeed, they CAUSE us to observe by attracting our attention. The communication is acausal because it is atemporal.

Our observation adds one dimension of energy to make the form more ‘here’? Yes, it’s like you have an aura around you, a perceptual filter. As much as there are infinite forms that could enter into communication with you, your personal bandwidth for connecting with reality is of necessity constrained, and thus you primarily see mostly what you expect to see. The individuals role is not passive.

Forms are both prior and post, as well, as time is three dimensional. Thought does not occur before the event, nor does it occur after. It is the matrix on which all occurrence is structured, how any observation is plotted out. Science could argue that every thought you were ever going to have was determined at the same time the biological process that conceived you occurred, and actually even before as they have proven that states of mind of your parents will affect their DNA and thus yours as well. So the child could even be described as the parents after thought.

Isn’t that the Anthropomorphic Principle, basically? It is more or less.

I mean, universally applied. Valid observation, but determinism isn’t actually the rule.

But luckily there is mutation? And new forms arise? I will go into that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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