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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

Property of Intelligence in Morphic Resonance

Platonic Forms

Intelligence. Everyone familiar with the Quantum Zeno effect?

Nothing can move from one place to another? They have proven this in the lab, and well, that is sort of the same thing. An atom continuously observed remains stable. It will not change state.

Energy by itself, as just a collection of erratic fields, will not display conservation. Eventually, there would not be enough coherent energy left, and even something as solid and substantial as our planet would just be a smear across open space. As systems grow and become more complex, the potential for entropy increases. More circuits, more noise, more heat bleed.

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Earth is a skid-mark in the underwear of the universe. Actually isn’t, or we couldn’t have this conversation.

So intelligence emerges as a constant running check-sum, an observation of diverse energy systems. Intelligence emerging like gravity as energy becomes more complex and dense. Forms of morphic fields are a property of intelligence.

By ‘intelligence’ do you mean virtually any system of “order”? Essentially yes, actually any system of order, but there are degrees of order as well.

I need to throw a little twist in here, the negative energy the developer of the warp engine is seeking.  As matter accelerates they will find that it does not gain mass, it loses it. There is a quantum gravity if you will, and sufficient acceleration would hurl us out of our universe’s vortex.

The more they experiment with quantum computing, the more their theories of matter are reversing themselves. They have recently made an artificial molecule out of a principle they have finally been able to confirm. Two atoms can act as a single unit when it comes to generating or sharing light. The distance of the molecular bond was two centimetres, vast on an atomic scale, but let’s not range too far…

Forms emerge as a property of referenced wave interaction. Basically, each wave behaves as if it were communicating with other waves, and they form complex loci or isomorphic reference points. These isomorphic reference points are minds.

The observer never observes its own observation event. The observation event produces the objects being observed. These observers communicate among themselves through the medium of observation. The conclusions or collapses of quantum superpositions form a language. Language doesn’t emerge from any mechanical need for a strictly physical world to have language. The opposite is true. The universe emerges from the need to communicate. All objects are communicated statements coming from pre-existing forms.

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Travis Saunders
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