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I feel in truth is liberation, freedom, and there is a whole tapestry of truth.

Changing World in Discipline


People are selfish. They only care about how you can benefit them. If they don’t see any value to them, then they will treat you poorly. This is human nature. This is inhuman discipline, but we can have a humane discipline, a genuinely human discipline. People don’t seem to really know their natures. There is a pretty clear picture that gets shared around about “human nature.” So how much nature is there in humans?

Nature itself is seamless. Is it nature that makes humanity break its communities into living graves?

It’s occurred to me recently that the evils are derived from thinking and not feeling. A place for everyone and everyone in their place?

A hierarchal system. Animals have that too. Do birds care that they crapped on the governor’s car? They have the natural unfolding of their inner “discipline.” They have dis-inhibition, not hierarchy. That’s just human metaphor.

They war over territories also. We just happen to be the most powerful. Well, perhaps I am wrong and this is all human nature, and there is nothing more to it than that. I can accept that.

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But what gave us the ability to forge ahead of the others? That is what I want to know. Shall I take a stab at it? I am not batting a thousand today, but I will try.

Nature operates as a whole. It is elemental, not “human.” It’s energetic and “feeling”, not thinking. This unthinking world has been experiencing tides of this living energy for a long time. Each species washing up against each other like one wave crashing into another, not because they thought about it, but because they were moving with the elemental tide beneath their feet and over their head, each growing and prospering or becoming the focus of too many conflicting waves and going extinct.

This energy exchange began to shape the fabric of the reality they all were living in. Like water running down hill, a regularity began to arise. This growing pool of regularity in the life energy gave rise to many would be embodiments of the balance of cycles in the energy around the pool. The still point in the eye of the storm. The empty spot in the whirlpool in your bathtub drain. At the very center of this pool is a silence so loud it would recreate the entire world. No one has got there yet, but more than a few species arose along the fringes of the pool, showing greater or lesser coherence with the cycle of life, each in time either falling away of merging with other parallel instances of this regularity in the life energy. This formative force I have been describing is what we loosely call intelligence, leading eventually up to present day humanity.

Now we have a bit of a problem. It’s actually the only problem I ever really talk about. With the wash of the life energy in our world, there has been a strange eddy near the center of the pool, a sort of chaotic cyst in an otherwise intense and even flow. This weird counter roil of energy has grown to begin to erode its environment. It’s denaturing and deconstructing other sources of energy around it, twisting the flow.

How do we change it? Ok, first you have spin, add counter spin and what happens?

Slowing and then stopping? Yes, but perhaps worse for the time being. As the energy exchange begins to erode the species immersed in it, the decays of their own energies are polluting the pool. Species extinction is polluting the mind that was supposed to guide the pool.

There is a gravity to the flow. If we leave things undisturbed even for a moment, the flux in that moment reveals the direction of gravity. It highlights the coherence that the energy around it was supposed to have. Just a little eddy, but it can serve as a guide post for us. The tapping sound of the blind persons cane is intermittent, but if it is persisted in they will find their way. The more moments we take to see ourselves as energy, as living beings, rather than the “people” idea, the more awake we will become to the flowing world around us.

Physicists like to describe our world by saying “it’s a burning world”, because oxidation drives so much in it, even our own metabolism, our own life processes. They stop short though. Their burning world model suggests that the ultimate destination for everything is minimalist ash, but the burning isn’t happening from decay. It’s happening from the pressure of that dynamic energy I describe. Coal “burns” until it becomes diamond. The world isn’t decaying. It’s changing.

We’re really just going down the drain? Well, going down the rabbit hole.

Changing. Yes. Many Native American cultures describe the beginning of man on earth as man emerging from a hole.

I remember a joke about how the world really does suck. Oh, yes. That joke goes like this. “Did you know there is no such thing as gravity? Ya, the world just really sucks.” But actually, it implodes, or more specifically enfolds. Like cell fission, one thing buds off another.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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