'Discipline' Chapter


You can evaluate the discipline based nature of any practice. To what degree does the practice or training require special behaviours from the person pursuing it? We are all disciplined people. You have never met an undisciplined person. Their discipline was just different than yours. So with all these disciplined people around, how are we doing?

Be yourself more clearly. It’s the effort to see the self that distorts the self, like trying to look at the back of your own head. But the glass house has a foundation, and house plants as well, features of the living world beyond, little indicators that at least in small moments you can be present. You can take a breather even if it fogs up the glass. Get really good at finding those living connections, finding the air vents and openings, and it will definitely fog up the glass, not only for you but others as well. You will be doing everyone a favour.

“It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people’s lives.” Clint Eastwood

What is Discipline?

I will open by asking, what is discipline? Self or other? Either, though it’s telling to note that people make that distinction. I see a difference. Oh indeed, people practice this difference also. A routine or habit practiced regularly. Intense… Seek More

Complete Freedom

I think our thinking on discipline is twisted. It’s become a prison. Can you have discipline and complete personal freedom? Complete freedom. All choices you make are yours to make. In every instance, in every time and place, every time anything… Seek More

All Disciplined People

We are all disciplined people. You cannot find an undisciplined person. Even the mentally ill have discipline. The addict has discipline. The lengths my parents went to to satisfy their addictions were frightening, and they developed very strong skill sets… Seek More

My Own Discipline

What does a hunting dog act like when you go walking with it? Anyone familiar with hunting dogs or at least the “hunting” breeds? Shall I describe them? They seem to move independently of the person they are walking with.… Seek More

Be Yourself More Clearly

Anyone want to share a bit about their own discipline? I try not to be too influenced by what others think while following my inner guidance. Well, I see a problem with just trying to walk your own path. Even… Seek More

Changing World

People are selfish. They only care about how you can benefit them. If they don’t see any value to them, then they will treat you poorly. This is human nature. This is inhuman discipline, but we can have a humane discipline,… Seek More