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What is Discipline? in Discipline


I will open by asking, what is discipline?

Self or other? Either, though it’s telling to note that people make that distinction.

I see a difference. Oh indeed, people practice this difference also.

A routine or habit practiced regularly.

Intense focus. I think people confuse discipline with punishment. They do. Discipline is literally training in any selected set of behaviours. That’s its original and still primary meaning though that is often lost in social interaction.

Why would someone seek discipline or want to help foster discipline in others?

To develop a strength of some kind.

To get things accomplished requires focus.

So like an occupation, trade, or hobby. Indeed. Is art a discipline?

If you are serious about it. Well, you can evaluate the discipline based nature of any practice. To what degree does the practice or training require special behaviours from the person pursuing it?

Level of skill required you mean? Actually no, just a set of behaviours that stand independently as part of that discipline or practice, like the rituals behind a religion but broader.

To draw a sketch doesn’t require discipline, to carve Mount Rushmore does.

Well, sitting down and doing it is discipline. To draw the sketch well may require discipline.

Well, I meant one sketch, not daily routine. Indeed, a spontaneous doodle differs from actually trying to grow in mastery.

What would be the consequence of being without discipline?

Not getting anything done or not getting better.

Without discipline you’d quit the moment something become to difficult or unsafe.

When I think of discipline, I think of a personal practice and self-conduct in a martial art, or religious training, or artistic endeavour, practicing music or dance. It’s a good correlation.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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