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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Complete Freedom in Discipline


I think our thinking on discipline is twisted. It’s become a prison. Can you have discipline and complete personal freedom?

Complete freedom. All choices you make are yours to make. In every instance, in every time and place, every time anything happens you have to actively decide because you are completely without restriction.

Is it not possible for the adherence to discipline to set you free? Well, freedom as people commonly define it, especially in the United States, is both a lie and a disease. Extreme statement I know, but I will explain.

I think if you choose what discipline you follow, then you have freedom, but then you are also taking away of little of your own freedom. You raise a good point.

A game without rules is boring. A game without rules has literally no ability to engage the players. It is literally not a game.

You are forced to be most creative when you have restrictions.

There has been a great deal of research done recently on these issues. In a case of “complete freedom” we would all incur what has been called decision fatigue. Have any of you been confronted with a situation where you felt overwhelmed by the range of possible options to decide from?

Analysis paralysis. It actually escalates stress and does damage. It is the essence of mental illness. They are discovering that a great deal of the symptoms of mental illness are simply a case of learned response exasperated by physical depletion. The schizophrenic is an innately open minded and imaginative person, but due to a combination of habits, genetic inheritance and sheer organic exhaustion, they never sleep well and hallucinate so much they are in a state of almost constant instinctive fight or flight. That coupled with the accompanying hallucinations is it any wonder they act the way they do?

Now consider the content their subconscious minds are constantly bombarded with; infidelity, supernatural horror, political conspiracy, economic obligation. Really, we all know the list. Is their nightmare reality all that out of touch with our own? And most of this stuff that gets in their head is just television and radio.

I think most of us feel on the edge at one time or another.

The media feeds on your fears. They twist it, but their twisted depiction doesn’t actually require that much imagination. It’s perhaps rather too realistic to be comfortable for most people.

So if you refuse to adopt any pattern of behaviour and reserve your “right” to make choices anew every time they come up for you, how would your life be?

Stressful. You would never get anything done and would miss out on experiencing many things in life. Would it be possible to enjoy that stance at all? That attitude?

You’d go into parliament. Actually, even they have to adopt a discipline of sorts. If they can’t regurgitate the same meaningless rhetoric as all the rest, they lose that position as well. They have to tow the party line as they say.

I think it would be a bit chaotic, then again, perhaps it would just be a very “living in the moment” approach? Actually, it would be the opposite of living in the moment, because you would also have to choose whether or not to respond to natural urges and bodily requirements. How many people do this? Can you both do something and make a choice about it?

Living in the moment means actually living. Doing stuff instead of just talking about it.

Not at the same time? One follows the other doesn’t it? They cannot be done at the same time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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