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Even people who may seem inert aren’t. They have to act to avoid action, though usually that is not conducive to growth or productivity.

Connection with Goetic Spirits in Goetia


The Goetic spirits exist under heaven alongside our kind. They consider the cosmos and the meaning of life much as we do. Humans saw them as intermediary beings because often their patterns of thought and symbolism strike humans as unimaginable, strange or complex, mysterious.

Yet they exist in our imaginations? It could be argued we exist as their imaginations.

Were these beings also written about in Sumer? Yes. The dwellers on the threshold, the lurkers in the desert, were believed to cause mirages.

Are daemons another name for them? That is correct.

Could we call them aliens? They often are mistaken for aliens, but they are not alien to our planet. They do have a greater mobility than we have accomplished so far. They have enjoyed space exploration longer than humans have. They have learned to adapt to the interstellar medium. They have used things like human radio broadcasts as a reference point. Time space is strange like that.

But they are also inside our heads, we in them and them in us. This is true.

So shouldn’t we connect even further with them? Well, any practitioner of a goetic tradition would say yes, but humans to date do not trust these beings.

Do we have an idea how? Yes. They respond to built up concentrations of the energy they stem from, so intense passions draw them in.

As intense fear? Yes, or passionately enacted ritual. Fervent prayer would work also. They also respond to focused imagination, inward turned perception with clear intention on the part of the seeker. Jung experienced this in his own explorations of the collective unconscious.

Meditation? Mediation would work.

We should explore these inner connections? Yes, but carefully. The human collective unconscious is a human frontier, and rightfully some place that human beings should explore, but it is not uninhabited, not strictly human. People have seen the entities of this realm in sensory isolation experiments, as well as when experimenting with psychedelic drugs and having intense nightmares. They often have a powerful impact on the human psyche when contacted and communicated with.

Some see them without anything. Indeed. They aren’t actually invisible, just what some might consider immaterial.

As for why people have ever contacted such seemingly scary beings… If you went through any of the older texts of demonology, besides being assigned a list of ills and sins, they also have insights and understanding. People sought to contact and work with them in order to understand the world as it seemed to them, and perhaps why it appears to fall short of what they might consider “divine perfection.”

And were seen as witches and other things by those around them no doubt. They were indeed, even while the people of their village continued to seek them out for medical help and other insights as well. When the village leaders didn’t have a clue what to do or how to solve a problem, they sought out the “geniuses” or idea people, the inspired ones or those who worked with the spirits.

Called by many names in many cultures. They indeed were.

I wonder if the negative aspects of these beings may be a reflection of the people’s fears? Ah, I would say that the negative aspect of those beings came about from what human beings tend to do with knowledge.

Naberius was a spirit said to give the gift of persuasive speech and interpersonal insight. It’s humans who choose to use it to hornswoggle each other. So these spirits became associated with lies because they gave the gift of blarney. But they didn’t make anyone lie. The “devil” doesn’t make anyone do anything.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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