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Consciousness is the Creative Process in Spirits of Madness

Spirits of Madness

To use a metaphor, the primordial ooze lay dreaming, and in its dreaming its sensitivity, to the same chemical exchanges that still play out in our bodies, gave rise to patterns of recognition. The process by which a chemical is recognized by a receptor… How does that differ from our own recognition of the sight of an apple?

But the brain is necessary for this to take place. The brain is necessary for a brain to form? Even the gestational process involves these same basic signals or patterns of recognition taking place.

Can it create itself out of nothing? The brain cannot create itself from nothing, neither can consciousness. If you trace everything back to primal roots, all you have is consciousness. So yes, consciousness is the creative process.

But consciousness of what? Consciousness of being.

Isn’t the word consciousness a bit misleading? What word would better serve?

A word that includes consciousness and unconsciousness. Well, I can get archaic, start using terms like nous and logos, but those won’t help much.

Consciousness needs a thing to be conscious OF. Consciousness was first conscious of “I am.” One atom resonating with another, one mass gravitating toward another.

But what was “I”? I was being.

Self-conscious. Ah, there is a difference between consciousness and self-consciousness.

But are atoms conscious? If brains are conscious then how can atoms fail to be?

We have nothing to show that they are. They are guided by laws, not thought. If something can be guided by anything, what is that other than thought? Or otherwise, how is there any such thing as thought?

Universal laws like gravity. Then thought is gravity. Thought defined as an electrochemical chain reaction differs in no significant way from gravity.

Thought is made of electrical synapses in the brain. It is not made of the synapses, and it is an exchange between synapses and more than synapses, everything from the endocrine glands to the brains glial cells to every tissue in the body.

Isn’t a synapse an exchange? No. The synapse is just an observable structure composed of a collection of factors that precede the formation of any specific synapse.

But, perhaps I am mistaken. Is anyone conscious?

Humans are, we know that much. How?

I am conscious of my environment. How do you know? Perhaps all you are conscious of is a meaningless gestational process. Cell division like what can be exhibited in a yogurt culture and it just registers to you as a dream of perception and experience

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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