'Spirits of Madness' Chapter

Spirits of Madness

Just as it’s been argued that a group of cells came together for mutual defense and survival benefit, which in time gave rise to complex multi-cellular organisms, it can be said that a group of conscious entities came together for perhaps the same purpose. Without the first entities there could arise no higher order entities. The potential had to have existed for the more complex form to arise from.

There are entities. I use the term in the broadest sense possible. Jungian archetypes if that suits you. Genetically inherited psycho-biological traits that have persisted over time and across the generations, and the attendant emergent traits that arise when the correct set of genetic predispositions come together in any individual. These entities fall into two broad categories. The peace based beings and the fear based beings. The two classes of entity cross pollinate to give rise to beings that show neither general quality clearly, and these remain just as active as the rest entities and the distress entities. Each of the three being at constant play in our shared experience of consciousness.

“I am interested in madness. I believe it is the biggest thing in the human race, and the most constant. How do you take away from a man his madness without also taking away his identity?” William Saroyan (American Writer 1908-1981)

Prior Consciousness

A bit of warning in advance, this is the dark metaphysics class, and we explore topics that many people might find uncomfortable. No offence is intended. I feel by discussing darker subjects we can dispel much of the sense of fear and… Seek More

Consciousness is the Creative Process

To use a metaphor, the primordial ooze lay dreaming, and in its dreaming its sensitivity, to the same chemical exchanges that still play out in our bodies, gave rise to patterns of recognition. The process by which a chemical is… Seek More

Stream of Affect

We have a mind. We all believe we do, and we have mental experience. We have perceptions of mentation that we don’t define as the same thing as our mind proper. What is mentation? Thought, perception and emotion. Perception AND… Seek More

Peace and Fear Entities

There is a dependant identity that is created temporarily when people interact? There are even tertiary and semi-independent identities, and on an unconscious level you can detect identities that no single individual lays claim to. Identities that arise because of… Seek More

Deranged Entities

There is a third point which I meant to speak of today. In extreme distress, the normative process becomes compromised. The two classes of entity cross pollinate to give rise to beings that show neither general quality clearly, and these… Seek More

Disease Entity Spread

Even in those people who are not themselves mentally diseased, the disease entity can leave an energetic of experiential trace. You can bear the “emotional scar” of the disease, and that can serve as a vector for the disease entities… Seek More

Rituals of Consciousness

You have people and the identities that exist between them which can at least appear to behave independently of the people involved. We mostly don’t even take much conscious notice of those identities or entities that serve us while we… Seek More

Subjective Field

In any given day I mostly experience those entities that could be lumped into the business as usual healthy non distressed category. I encounter my experience of my beloved kitten, and in time I encounter my experience of my wonderful… Seek More

Surreal Real Life

There is a third state. I will relate my experience of visiting a loved one in a low security psyche ward. My first impression was of the staff. They all bore every evidence of being “entrenched”, and they had a… Seek More