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Peace and Fear Entities in Spirits of Madness

Spirits of Madness

There is a dependant identity that is created temporarily when people interact? There are even tertiary and semi-independent identities, and on an unconscious level you can detect identities that no single individual lays claim to. Identities that arise because of a collective perception of how even a “fictional” personality would behave, and it also forms the ground or shared perceptual field even if it doesn’t take a gross or explicit material form. Even if nobody is creating or sending or receiving this energy, the energy still exists and still contains information.

Where does it exist if not in the connection? In the same forms that express it in what we think of as ordinary reality, and in the material that we incorporate in our beings to persist as these same entities. It’s innate to physical reality itself, and like the ever mutating viral code that it transmitted between members of our own species, as well as between species, the information that arises in consciousness is also transmitted by various vectors; light, sound, sympathetic biological response. The possible vectors are rather broad, but the shared reality remains.

There are entities. I use the term in the broadest sense possible. Jungian archetypes if that suits you. Genetically inherited psycho-biological traits that have persisted over time and across the generations, and the attendant emergent traits that arise when the correct set of genetic predispositions come together in any individual, but these entities fall into two broad categories.

I guess I’m having a hard time imagining such an abstraction. Rationalization forces abstraction. Being rational forces a dehumanizing data based mode of speaking, but it does tend to appeal to peoples insistence that things must conform to that in order to be real.

So entities are concatenations of circumstance rather than discrete? They are the same as we are. We arise from the same process of collective origination even if we aren’t wired to directly respond to them, because we will be sensitive to them through our contact with other people and other forms of life. The two broad categories of these entities are what could be called the homeostatic and the distress based, the peace based beings and the fear based beings.

Peace? You mean calm? Yes. The state of biological rest if that makes most sense.

Or unrest caused by what? The process of growth and adaption causes unrest, foreign stimulation.

What is the original form? Rest or unrest? Rest is the original form, thus the Greeks spoke of the oneiroi, their dream spirits or gods.

So within rest are the roots of unrest? Part of unrest does lay in rest, yes.

Isn’t both rest and unrest inherent to each entity? Yes, and balanced until entropy steps in.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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