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Cross Wired Life Path in Decision


We have a sense of the rhythm of the world. I don’t mean human activity. I mean raw, living physical existence. Our every instinct tells us that the world matters, and we get the nagging impression that these things like business and politics don’t matter as much. But then we experience fear, because we realize that we don’t understand this world behind the life we think we are living, and we cannot understand it, not in traditional ways, not in rational ways.

I have used the term rational before, but I feel I should define it. Rational is a process of thought that seeks to create or establish the most “good”. Good, well… How clear are we on what is good? How do we know how much good we are doing? How do we balance seemingly conflicting good outcomes?

We always believe we will do good, and we try to convince ourselves that doing good will give our life meaning. How well does that work?

Not so well, typically. Any idea why? It usually leads to resentment because we do good for others. Or someone decides what is best for us.

The disease to please. Yes. It leads to STDs, drug addiction, you name it. We are forever looking to please ourselves, always making subtle little adjustments to get back to feeling good.

Do other animals know why they fight for territory? No, not in the sense humans do, and they don’t take it to a genocidal level for that reason.

Animals rarely fight to the death. Animals are smarter. They are more open. Animals live in the world intelligence. Humans put their own intelligence forward as the only intelligence that exists.

So, we have a cross wired life path, do we not? How to have both property and a sense of meaning? Well, notice prosperity always slips? Does anyone have, and have they ever had, a stable method of achieving prosperity?

I guess it depends on what you define as prosperous. I mean any form of prosperity. Do any of them last? If you could have ultimate success, what would you do with it? Would you know it if you had it?

I have that problem of not knowing what I have.

There is an old Taoist saying. That which goes against the Tao cannot stand. There is a way for anything to happen, and there are many ways we think something should happen. Our own intelligence arises from a force, or presence, or energy if you prefer, that existed before humanity, and it draws its roots from that source. But so far are the fruits it produces healthy?

Healthy or not, it will have its way. In time. This is why the world itself undergoes crisis. Mankind is self-destructive in nurture, in its artifices false, in its hubris vain. This is a huge poison, and we drink it thinking it will let us conquer the world. Have we had any luck with that?

Is it ok to give up on decision and just let things be as they will? It is okay to give up on what you think of as decision, but you will remain a part of change because it isn’t just about you. The world grows with you, and through you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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