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Contemplating god/the gods is an excellent practice. It structures our perception of our narrower lives in a useful way. Even if your highest principle is an abstract notion, it serves the same purpose.

Crisis Leading to Paradigm Shift in Decision


Consensus reality is the semi-conscious function of the collective mind. You don’t have to choose to be a part of this world of consciousness. It automatically impacts you. It’s like you have a second set of senses keyed specifically to it.

Is that why some decisions “don’t make sense” as they say? Yes, because they cannot be confined to the so called self.

What does it mean when you have no questions? When you have no questions there is a chance you have understanding, or you have disengagement. But then instead of questions, you will have actions or statements.

Either reengage or switch it off. I’ve heard you say that you don’t like hearing maybes. That’s true. That’s one of my personal prejudices.

Is it like we have two streams of decision making, one centered on self and one centered on the collective? Well, your decision making has two domains. Basically, you make decisions based on what you want (which is always self-awareness), and what you perceive the decision to mean, meaning we perceive a sense of coherence or story, world integrity. We will ignore what we want when it begins to make our world look meaningless. This is why we begin to make decisions that make problems for ourselves.

Is this when a decision can become conflicted? When what we want and what it means doesn’t align? Yes. That is where you experience spiritual crisis leading to paradigm shift.

I have experienced that. My goals after a while don’t hold the same attraction as the world around me changes. It’s actually pretty much a communal problem, a wide spread social ill.

Or kind of like when you realize the life that you are leading is not the one you saw yourself headed to. The “what does it all mean?” questions. Our society doesn’t equip us to make decisions that preserve that sense of meaning. We have some institutions and traditions that try, but do they really succeed?

I got to a point where I realized that every decision I’ve ever made had lead me here, but it wasn’t where I wanted to be. That forces a re-evaluation of your decision making process. It seems in society today there aren’t any small points where we can correct our course. It gets to be a big deviation before we notice. Yes. They do everything they can to preserve the system. There is a system set up to harness all available attention and resources to sustain the order that it’s authors originally decided on. There is no single author or group of authors, just the perpetual discovery and rediscovery of the meta-process behind human consciousness.

Are we biased to base our decision on the collective and then we lose our self? We are conditioned, and given substitute rewards rather than actual freedom and acknowledgement of the inner self. But we cannot really extinguish this most primal of instincts.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Bashir Bomai

    I agree.The “shift” as you call it is not usually pleasant but you’re expected to “stick it out” until the “Lesson” is learnt.Thereafter,you earn “Credits” in a manner of speaking, and you get promoted to another level.In some cases,the promotion comes before the shift and then one gets into the fray so to speak.Experiences learnt are then used to re-configure certain settings,in readiness for another trial.It is like one huge Laboratory.I do not pretend to know the “why”,but I do know the “how”,but this does not make things easier.I can see you smiling in amusement but that is the truth from my own “setting”.Afterall,it IS therefore it IS!

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