'Decision' Chapter


There are three parallel processes going on in any decision making process. Active attention you pay to anything you perceive. Awareness of your current state of being. Awareness of reward versus threat. We are primarily motivated by attraction. External reward is secondary almost to the point of being a non-factor.

Your decision making has two domains. You make decisions based on what you want (which is always self-awareness), and what you perceive the decision to mean. We will ignore what we want when it begins to make our world look meaningless. Our society doesn’t equip us to make decisions that preserve that sense of meaning.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Tony Robbins

“The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.” Sun Tzu

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” Plato

Processes in Decision

Today, we are talking about decision. Not individual decisions, but decision as a universal process. Decision is a process that is consistent across situations. There are three parallel processes going on in any decision making process. One is the active… Seek More

Decision Making Process

Shall we discuss the decision making process itself? You have three streams of data coming to you at all times. We perceive the need to make a decision when there is some degree of disagreement between these three streams of… Seek More

Crisis Leading to Paradigm Shift

Consensus reality is the semi-conscious function of the collective mind. You don’t have to choose to be a part of this world of consciousness. It automatically impacts you. It’s like you have a second set of senses keyed specifically to… Seek More

Cross Wired Life Path

We have a sense of the rhythm of the world. I don’t mean human activity. I mean raw, living physical existence. Our every instinct tells us that the world matters, and we get the nagging impression that these things like… Seek More

Free Being

Decisions, right decisions, wrong decisions. You will find countless people or authorities that pose as the authority on this judgement, but you will find no one single being or object that is the embodiment of the world intelligence. The only… Seek More

Feel for Yourself First

Does it matter whether more choices are made by the head or the heart? Is one more satisfying? Ultimately, they should be allies, but if they aren’t in harmony, the choices of the heart matter more. They are truer to… Seek More

Analysis Paralysis

To begin with I will ask, are you all familiar with the phrase “analysis paralysis”? I have a friend who does this all the time. He cannot make a decision! I’d call it a brain cramp or strain when you… Seek More

Stances for Decision Making

There are two basic stances for decision making most commonly demonstrated. Some have the intuitive element of their decision making masked by what people expect of someone who is successful. Steve Jobs would be a big example. He never denied… Seek More

Tao of You

So how do we find the middle path? We can find the middle by embracing the heuristic process without cognitive prejudice. It would be like the “Tao” of you. Each person naturally generates these rules of thumb I mentioned earlier,… Seek More

Personal Rules

So how do we discern our rules? Well, strange thing is, you still play by them. You actually can’t stop playing by them. It’s interesting to see the way in which people make decisions inworld (Second Life) in this very… Seek More