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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Divination Method in Divination


Does handwriting analysis fit as a divination method? It can. It is a form of geomancy like feng shui. The seemingly poor handwriting arose from energies that are playing out in that persons life, making them make loops bigger, or lines choppy, distorting specific words when others aren’t. Often times it reveals subconscious inclinations and, as all such forces of the mind do, they actualize and thus they can in a sense predict the future, as can ideo-motor response in using a planchete.

Is ‘writing’ a form of divination? Automatic writing is, and most people struggle badly with something so free form. They over think it.

Intentional writing? Knowing the lines are a form of energy?  Yes, Freudian slips are potential portents.  As you are writing intentionally, if you go into writing mode automatic so to speak, like I do when typing the content of my offerings in class, new ideas can surface even if they aren’t recorded on their own. In both Hinduism and Buddhism they have a practice of writing prayer. It’s much like their chants, and like the whole idea of inspired religious writing, the divinatory mind can surface though you intend to write a specific thing, like a sacred prayer.

I was thinking of drawing a circle or pentagram, how those energies are in the line, then also in ‘words’? Yes, it can happen then. Many practices in ritual magic are based on how the motion of the symbol can move the mind.

Is crystal ball/ bowl of water, etc. actually self-hypnosis? It is scrying, and it isolates the habit pattern in the occipital lobes. This isn’t necessary for a full trance, but as the focus occupies your minds visual processing the subconscious begins to insert imagery like it does in a sensory deprivation tank. If you intended clearly to divine the answer to a question, it sorts the content and your images will be related to your question.

Is sacred geometry divining or something else? Sacred geometry is a form of divination. The Chinese geomancers noticed that certain patterns in the earth and elements, or even arrangements of structures, either were coherent and reinforced positive probabilities, or were incoherent and would generate disruptive and confusing probabilities stunning the human mind. You can witness this when someone is trying to use a magic eye picture. Some people can see one image but not the other, because of sympathy from the geometry they extract from the initial image, or antipathy for the other.

I’m awful at seeing those images. It is possible you just feel out of sorts with any extrapolated geometry at all. Aversion to abstraction, but Jung noticed that some images reproduce themselves constantly, in dreams, in art.

Is that like being able to pick shapes out of clouds that others can’t see? Yes, it is. You can even divine by watching clouds, but it takes patience. People have divined from using incense smoke or fire flicker also. People have created divinatory techniques connected to specific forces in life usually characterized by gods. One form of divination that was reviled, but quite common today, is necromancy. It’s just called mediumship or channelling now. Much of what you may have heard about divination is very possibly cultural prejudice, and many of the spells you may have seen actually stem from things learned in divination. Shamans practiced a form they called spirit journeying, in more modern parlance psycho-navigation.

Those ink blot things they use to test your thinking, I’m just wondering why psychologists use those things? What can they learn about a patient from an ink blot test? Your mind and thinking are language based, but what gets confusing is that more is language than the sounds you mouth. So they use complex but ultimately “meaning neutral” images to see what images surface. They can tell based on what you have said distresses you, what and why your subconscious mind is behaving that way. Because as much as people don’t like this truth, it’s still the truth. You still act from instinct and subconscious impulse. Everything after is just behaviour therapy or doping.

If they are thinking about monsters they will see a monster? Yes, basically, though not that literal. They will see things related to a monster.

An abnormal fear doesn’t exist really? An abnormal fear is a repressed impulse coupled with the fear object.

I once watched a TV show back in the 90’s where one person’s ability was to divine from his surrounding at that moment. Have you heard of that? It is my primary method.  That, and what might be considered necromancy which is just the surrounding but digging deeper into the memory of the world and the memory of those past.

Omens and synchronicity is what is around you? Yes, that’s true though he might not have bothered with formalized symbolic interpretation. The mind is really good at pattern recognition if you let it, and nothing is “coincidental”. That word is literally meaningless. Everything is happening now, so everything is coincidental. To dismiss the flow of events with that idea is short sighted. I sensed a mounting tension in my community, a negative aggression to the degree of bloodlust. Three weeks later my little town had a “random” double homicide, coincidental no?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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