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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Remove the Rationalization Filter in Divination


Our brains ability to extract patterns from what is popularly dismissed as random information is not a glitch. The rise of rationalistic thought and its veneration as a supposed panacea for all human shortcomings is more of an aberration than any of our innate mental functions or instincts.

People usually struggle a great deal with any divination system. The reason why is they attempt to make their reading conform with their conscious logical thought which is like yelling at a native of a non-English speaking country and demanding that they speak English. They may even be able to speak some English, but it will likely be awkward and out of context as well as twisted by your efforts to force the communication to go your way. The patterns that our brain derives from everything in the world around us have been registered and remembered by the brain for just as long as anything you were consciously educated to understand or believe.

The same way we struggle with dream interpretation.

I think why ‘rational thought’ so often doesn’t work is because most people just don’t think logically, so trying to ‘reason’ with them simply has no effect.

Perhaps the “problem” has to do with how different people interpret the patterns differently — or even that they see very DIFFERENT patterns.

There would be more understanding between people if rationalization were removed as a filter. If you and a non-bilingual Chinese man both heard a tiger roar, especially near your immediate location, you would understand each other and the situation you are both in much better than if you tried to talk about it and debate what it was you heard.

Ah, hence those team building survivor exercises they charge big $s for. Yes, indeed. The world around you is constantly presenting you with that kind of information. More and more our scientists are coming to believe that we inherit memories and information from our ancestors. It’s even been proven in the lab through generations of mice. These memories are not recorded in our systems as rational thought and one scientist is even advancing the theory that those who get hit with acquired savant syndrome wind up functioning with what is described as “privileged” access to that collective inherited memory if anyone ever learned it. The theory is that it gets mixed into and spread through the gene pool. When their left temporal lobe gets compromised, quieted or even crippled, it all starts emerging into their conscious minds, at least those parts their individual brain had any ability to process.

I saw an article that said that DNA has more layers of information than we thought. Indeed, and RNA seems to be far more active and complex than previously believed.

So what all this has to do with divination is all that information is present and naturally driven to emerge in the mind but we block it with our analysis and imagined observation, all the internal dialog that is supposedly educated understanding. When you set up and learn a process for deconstructing your normal perceptual filtering and rational thought, you throw open a channel to let that information emerge even if only while you are musing over the divination reading you’re in the middle of.

You can’t do it while you are busy telling yourself what’s going on. It becomes possible when you instead focus on something in the environment within you or around you like becoming alert to the sound of the threatening predator. Instead. it’s spooky images on a set of cards, or in dreams say, or even hypnagogic vision while you are just relaxing and spacing out.

I find when I write, if I think too much about it it doesn’t want to come out, but if I just start writing down what I imagine, it flows quickly and seamlessly. Indeed. It starts coming naturally.

Yes, but I wonder if all of the RNA and DNA business is not another “mythos.” I am inclined to see the RNA and DNA stuff as a modern mythos myself. I find it better to use language people can trust and relate to in order to convey these concepts even if it isn’t literally true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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