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We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

Conscious Perceptual Filter in Connection


Remember I said earlier the fact that a memory connection can be removed was the core of today’s talk? To begin to retrain our minds to function more fully in tune with our source, we have to first begin to deconstruct that habitual web of ideas that we paint our daily perceptions with. They tend to function more like a smear of coloured paints than they do as any form of clear labelling system, or am I mistaken? Do our daily associations tend to provide clear symbolism and meaning for our experiences?

Not always.

More like smeared paint I think.

So let’s compare our conscious perceptual filter to a young child’s finger painting. I mean very young. They haven’t figured out the formalism task yet and are just enjoying making marks on paper. They are drawn to specific colours if they are relaxed and engaged in the new experience, and even the change in colour as they continue to play will maintain that connection with the child’s feelings about the task. Though the information provided by the newly marked paper is hard for adult minds to make intelligible sense of, there is a coherence to it, an integrity. The child is very often quite attached to the finished work. They take it personally.

Now let’s look at our adult perceptual filters. How personal do they feel for us usually?

Many times, cold. They tend to bear the graffiti of the world around us; company logos, file form layouts, instruction manuals and long tables of figures. Is there any room for our actual selves in our waking consciousness, really? Are we really better off just behaving like environmental and social web crawlers? What would be better for us than that?

Living in the moment as ourselves. Yes. Clocks are a part of the adult perceptual filter as well.

Our real life feels very remote doesn’t it? For all its drama and mind twisting nonsense at times, our second lives likely feel more real than our so called real life.

Well, just as our memory centre tracks what we remembered and also stamps it for relevance, it also tracks how our respective memories are related to each other, and just as it keeps track of about how far away from home we are, it also keeps track of how far away from our real selves we are.

Does no one feel at all like they have gotten away from the person they felt they were as a child?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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