'Connection' Chapter


It’s been said that the greatest activity in the world is creation, but what can be created beyond the process of connection? The two primary connections, which aren’t really separate in essence, are Life and Death.

Connection is not some abstract force, some philosophical concept. It’s the essence of reality. The connection is silent, this is true. It’s quiet because it’s listening. The world’s listening and it has an unlimited memory. The silence is terrible sound. The darkness of death is a light too bright for the eyes to see. These things we fear are the reason we are able to love.

“A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.” Heraclitus of Ephesus (Greek philosopher, 540-480BC)

“I think we are bound to, and by, nature. We may want to deny this connection and try to believe we control the external world, but every time there’s a snowstorm or drought, we know our fate is tied to the world around us.” Alice Hoffman

Primary Connections

The topic is connection, but first a question. What is the greatest activity in the world? Sex? Dancing is a good way to make connections. Yes. Any other ideas? Greatest activity… Anything that makes you feel connected to someone, someplace.… Seek More

Essence Of Reality

We think we choose who and what we connect with, and we really don’t. Just because some want us to believe that there are right and wrong choices, right and wrong to whom? Very true. Some connections are fated to… Seek More

You Are A Flow

We’re the dots in the universe, and without the dots no lines (connections) can be drawn? Exactly. The network of connections between dots is inherently indefinable. When you watch the flow of water in a stream, it’s all just water,… Seek More

Make It Actualize

Things. What are things? Or more specifically, what are things that they can be connected? We create things. We connect and thus create, because we fear the raging cacophony of reality. We create, because we seek to screen the light… Seek More

Experience Reveals

When I feel disconnected, I literally feel like my gravity will fail at any time, and I will float or fall off the planet. All disconnection is self generated. BS is a horrible weapon. It is a combination perpetual motion… Seek More

Depth And Breadth Of Connection

I cannot begin to describe the depth and breadth of the connections that are present in our consciousness. The limitless generosity shown us by the Chaos/Great Mother/God, call it what you will. But one has to be whole before one… Seek More

Vast Chain of Connections

Our minds make connections. They say it’s the basis of our learning anything at all. We don’t have to deliberately choose what is connected to what, and honestly that’s probably a very good thing. People would neglect such a chore.… Seek More

Conscious Perceptual Filter

Remember I said earlier the fact that a memory connection can be removed was the core of today’s talk? To begin to retrain our minds to function more fully in tune with our source, we have to first begin to… Seek More

Repairing Connections

Ever act childish in your daily life? Sometimes. Yes. There is a conflict in your brain between your fore-brain, your conscious mind, and your central brain. They even call it “the brain of the brain.” The two brains, if you… Seek More

Math of the Central Brain

Want to know the math of the central brain? It really does use logic, I promise. A very complex utility oriented logic. Interested? The first function is to draw comparisons. It looks for any pattern of observation to be confirmed… Seek More