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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

Math of the Central Brain in Connection


Want to know the math of the central brain? It really does use logic, I promise. A very complex utility oriented logic. Interested?

The first function is to draw comparisons. It looks for any pattern of observation to be confirmed by repetition and outside sources. It’s better at fact checking than most scientists are these days. This is why little children always look to their primary care giver when something intense happens. They are trying to do a comparison. If the guardian is afraid than I need to be afraid.

You still do this with your friends, loved ones, employers. It’s how you gauge your security. It was how one creature could share in the vigilance of an entire family of creatures, and we do really need it.

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I refuse to be afraid. I will punch that fear in the face.

The second function it executes is selection. It uses a refined set of selection criteria that have evolved over millenia. It checks your state of physical stress. It checks your history of negative comparison. It checks your personal values. It knows what you would give to support a loved ones happiness and well being, and it factors that in. So values, physical state, social state. It also checks your level of comprehension. It recognizes patterns that you have not yet understood. It accepts that you have limitations, and that given opportunity these will change. Anything missed there in the central brains selection process?

Not that I can think of. This is why you won’t remember all the random bits of conversation you hear in a day. It gets selected against. It’s not relevant to your values, and the third process or step in the process is execution. Execution always involves prioritization. Scientists call this availability bias. I think that assessment of the process is superficial and misleading. What good will it do to hit you with sex drive while you really just need to use the potty? Or hit you with ravenous hunger when you are being mortally threatened?

It’s very dynamic the execution process, very flowing and in balance except for one thing. Does your conscious mind share any of the traits I described, really?

Your conscious mind does have a purpose, a very important purpose. How creative would you say the the central brain is?

Very, like a child is.

Well, not creative, but very problem solving. So creative in its own way.

How can it be creative and as reactionary as it is? It gives no thought for the future. It is not motivated to adapt beyond the moment. It’s not at all concerned with anything long term. It just wants to keep you plugged in and aware. It wants you to react to things around you and do so skillfully, but it doesn’t have a vision. If you could talk to it, and you have actually heard it talking in others, the only thing it would say to explain itself is, “I am what I am.” Ever heard someone say that? Were they very thoughtful at the time?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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