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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

We Turned Our Backs on God in Connection


There is a theory that the central brain is where we got the idea of god, was our first experience of god, and it communicated through mild hallucination. The conscious brain had very little personality. It heard and it obeyed, and well, a good many positive things happened. A considerable number of negative things happened also. Most of all we survived, but things changed. God went silent. Why is this?

Recently? In recorded human history this happened, yes.

We got analytical with the conscious mind? Scientific?

It was a gradual process. The more and more god or the central brain kept communicating with the conscious mind, the more complex the conscious mind became. It absorbed more and more energy. Perhaps this is the light of god they speak of, and it became enlightened. There was the realization that we could shape our visions and not just wait for a vision from god, and we gained the ability to really analyze and question our visions.

So as strong and as loud as our conscious minds became, they began to drown out the central brain. We tuned in so much to that conscious noise in our head that we trained ourselves out of the communication with the central brain. We turned our backs on god and by doing so on ourselves. You really are created in gods image; the powers of life, the feeling and healing heart, hope, empathy, deep perception and profound intuitive insight. Wisdom as opposed to simple knowledge. Do we have these in today’s society? As a society, I mean.

Rarely. Very lacking. What do we have in our so called real world these days?

Rules. Memetic circuits. These memetic circuits have a physical correspondence. They were roads even since day one. They are canals. Anything that lets us conquer the limitations of nature. Telephone lines, computer circuits, and these circuits follow rules. Do they follow anyone’s personal rules? Do they follow yours?

No. They do follow some personal rules. Since day one, might made right and in time that evolved.

Eventually, might could be exerted through other than violent means. If you have so much of the world’s resources that others are too weak and drained to take them by force, then you can set conditions to dole them out and dictate everyone’s behaviour. This realization is what lead to the fall of kings and warlords, and still does keep them small. It also keeps them existent because there remains justification for their cause. The theft of personal right to life, to decent community between all peoples, equality. Do we have these things?

It depends on how rich you are. There was an attempt to tear the rule of gold down. It failed, because a shadow circuit also existed, and existed since before the age of empires, the age of roads. This circuit is authority. There arose a state that was supposedly the embodiment of the peoples ideals, protected the peoples trust. It was to be the embodiment of all they held true, thus it came to be seen as being above question, and those who were the servants of authority came to see themselves as the sum total of authority. Stalin believed he was morally justified in what he did, so did every other authority in every other authority system. If it weren’t for them all our homes and supports would fall apart, or so it’s accepted.

Have I missed any part of real life as we are living in right now? Authority, money, might? Anything missing from what makes us believe in the world as it is right now?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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