You’re never bored when you play your own game. You’re bored when you play another’s game.

Icky Underbelly in Connection


What would happen if we came to relate to each other without the system? Without the ideas of how society is supposed to work? Without living behind a veil of abstractions and mechanism?

It would be hard to interact without pre-assigned social constructs. There was a book written relatively recently, you may have heard of it, The Wisdom of Psychopaths?

Research is showing that psychopaths are more of an evolutionary trend than just an accidental glitch. These are people who have come to understand the system very well though they value it and relate to it not at all, and they systematically abuse it every chance they get. They even refine their methods so they can go on doing so for a very long time.

They are not even necessarily violent people, but they don’t care about the rules or fairness, or anything that doesn’t satisfy them. It isn’t even a philosophical stance. It isn’t something they consciously chose to believe. It is just their emotional core like empathy governs yours. You try to do right, be good, love people and so on. Believe that if you just do well enough you can know some reward for your work, that you have some hope of everything being all right. How has this worked out for you so far?

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For most it doesn’t work very well. They feel life is screwing them over. They firmly believe that life isn’t fair, and that they just have to deal with life as it comes. And it doesn’t work out well for the psychopaths either. Sociopaths are socially driven, have a twisted form of empathy. Dahmer loved those young men he killed and ate. He wanted to be with them forever. Psychopaths don’t think like this. Why the system doesn’t work for psychopaths either is that there is no reason to satisfy themselves, and they can never really be satisfied. Just a constant appetite, constantly hoping they can get it all worked out and take a break.

There is a song I like a lot. I will paraphrase the gist of the lyrics. The singer is talking to various people. The first is a young prostitute, and he asks her, “Why do you do this to yourself.” In another line he is confronted by a mugger who makes it clear he wants his money and not his life, but that if he makes a move the mugger won’t think twice about killing him. They seem very different, no? One considerably more innocent than the other, but they both responded with the same answer, “There ain’t no rest for the wicked. Money don’t grow on trees. I got bills to pay, I got a mouth to feed and nothing comes for free.”

The mugger mugs because he can’t do anything else. The prostitute offers her services for the same reason. Each are cogs in the same machine, just the dirty greasy underbelly of it. The icky part of the machine that people don’t want to touch if they don’t have to but will if they must. Psychopaths gain control of the machine through this icky underbelly. They can’t soil the pretty paint job and get what they want, so they work on peoples desperation, but there is a reason they do that. They want it. These desperate people still find meaning in life. This is why they often marry prostitutes, or hang out with drug pushers like a prominent politician here in Canada is now known for. But they remain alienated, and still abuse those desperate souls in the same way they treat everyone else. So theirs is the ultimate failure. They are lonely. Some pot smoking street kid wanna be ganger is happier than they are. They are part of a crew. They still believe in family.

So shall we get to the fix?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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