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Repairing Connections in Connection


Ever act childish in your daily life?

Sometimes. Yes.

There is a conflict in your brain between your fore-brain, your conscious mind, and your central brain. They even call it “the brain of the brain.” The two brains, if you will, fight over a switching mechanism, but the central brain, which could also be called the child brain, though it does mature just as much as the conscious brain does, well… The central brain wins ties, comes out ahead just a little more frequently than your conscious brain does. This is why no matter how disciplined you are in controlling your thoughts, you will have nonsense thoughts, disturbing thoughts, even repugnant thoughts. For most people, their central brain has become rather much a problem child. It’s so distressed and pent up that it behaves more like a hateful teenager than a friendly adult ally. It sends messages that amount to, “I hate everything. I wish everyone would just go expletive themselves.” and you have to try to concentrate around that. It can be really difficult sometimes, no?

Well, here is the surprise. All teenagers act like they do more than anyone else even though they don’t. They do lack experience, but in this case your central brain, that bratty teenager, actually does know more than you do. It is more directly wired into the sum total of your experience, and it has matured just as much as your conscious thinking has.

So the bratty teenager in your brain is just a filter produced by your conscious mind. Your conscious mind only hears the rants, the emotional outbursts, but this clever central brain does use other ploys. It has control of your visceral perception. It can influence how much you enjoy any specific sensation and will skew this to influence your conscious behaviour. The adult face of your central brain is your conscience, or as Freud called it your super ego, your guardian angel. Does it ever feel like there is another intelligence inside your head that is just as busy as your conscious mind? Maybe even sometimes more busy?

Maybe it even sabotages your conscious plans. It can even vandalize your train of thought. You aren’t tired. You aren’t sick. You aren’t hurt, or hungry, and yet you still can’t seem to think straight, and you tend to be emotional at these times. Things make you laugh for no good reason, or cry when they wouldn’t. Your central brain behaves this way for one reason and one reason only. It’s trying to repair connections. It’s working from not only your emotional centre, but your biological centre. It knows these things better than you. What patterns of behaviour and thought are most accurate, most helpful or hurtful to your health and well being. So it gathers up its resources and tries to break through the wall of your conscious thought. It tends to focus on inconsistencies, little places where your train of thought is incomplete, and it floods those with attention and emotion. It also sends motor signals as well. It controls your motor coordination. Ever notice how when you are thinking really hard your get really sort of clumsy? Everyone does.

Your drink misses your mouth. Yes. Well, that’s just a lack of cognitive finesse which is just the norm for society in our time, but this same thing can happen even when you aren’t thinking very hard and will seem to have no reason for it, none you know of. You will just be relaxing and doing some routine thing, and your coordination will go right out the window. Ever experience this? The mundane activity will always be something you don’t actually like. Is this correct?

Yes, I think so. I always think the dementia is starting. It’s not dementia. Your conscious thinking is dementia. It’s an effort at healing that. Ever notice how clear you become when you are doing something you really like? It can even make fatigue seem to vanish.

Your central brain controls a fair bit of your energy, and attempts to reinforce behaviours that are congruent with your core experience. This is why you can have these really engaged moments during what would seem like really silly things.

Yes, for a game I am so clear, but for something I need to do, so foggy.

Ever find yourself wrapped up in organizing something? Yes. Was it something you needed to do? No. And yet you were just as immersed and clear and energized. It can occur in other things like cooking. You might just be pouring a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and for some reason that morning routine is just encompassing, strangely fascinating. Again you couldn’t identify anything as especially interesting. Those are moments when your conscious brain and your central brain are in sync. As much as it may seem otherwise, your central brain is not just your naughty little playmate wanting to lead you away from your “oh so necessary” chores. What it wants is for your inner clock to be in sync. The Greeks called this sense of timing kairos, meaning a sense of the moment, knowing when the moment is right to do anything. Do we really function very well without this? Without knowing how to pick your moments, pick your fights, you will not conquer the world. The world will conquer you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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