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Your focus determines your reality. A rational focus creates a sterile world.

You Are A Flow in Connection


We’re the dots in the universe, and without the dots no lines (connections) can be drawn? Exactly. The network of connections between dots is inherently indefinable. When you watch the flow of water in a stream, it’s all just water, or is it?

So being individual feeds connection. It does not reduce it as people think? Exactly.

Molecules interacting dynamically with each other. Exactly, and creating their spontaneous opposite. But can you define the opposite of the infinite? If you look into the details of a rivers flow, you can see eddies, still pools and rapids, sand banks and deep stretches where you can’t see the bottom. The river can seem to have countless features, but is any of it not the river?

You are a flow, without source, self sourced, without destination, self consuming and self possessed. In this process of self negation that people call understanding the real world, where is your free will?

It’s lost. It appears to be lost. Why does this illusion arise?

You exist because the world fulfilled you, made your form full, and then went on to fill the memory capacity of your mind, and yet it also drains it. Where does it drain to? Where does all the shed skin go? The spilled blood? In the Bible, in the story of Cain and Able, they relate the story of the first human blood shed.

To mulch. And that was only partly a joke.
Back to the world. Back to the earth?
It doesn’t go away, it just changes form.

The connection is silent, this is true. It’s quiet because it’s listening. The world’s listening and it has an unlimited memory. Not just the world, but the whole universe. That which is not is your biggest fan.

Interesting thing is that the mark of Cain was to protect him for those who would kill him because of his deed. God wanted him still connected. Gods will is connection. Gods will never turned on itself. The universe is not self contradictory, so then why the silence? Why the death?

Isn’t the Devil a God turning on itself? The Devil is man turned on God. Man had to define, clung to the knowledge of good and evil, and many the mind has been broken trying to reconcile this knowledge to their own innate truth. The silence is terrible sound. The darkness of death is a light too bright for the eyes to see. These things we fear are the reason we are able to love. The things we love and the reason we fall into fear.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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