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Cosmological Reasoning in Divination


But aren’t our brains limited to just what we need to survive here on this planet? Are you saying we can open channels to use the rest of our inhibited knowledge? I am saying that. The constraints of the brain and body on this planet are not absolute, not even necessarily natural. We have the ability both in the brain and our genetic expression for a reason.

At one time, the human genome was far more plastic in expression than it is today, and it’s becoming more plastic even now as our environment changes. Many theories of how the brain works have been proven untrue, like the concept of the hardwired brain. They have found in the lab that even the deepest and most primal neural connections are capable of shifting, unplugging from old circuits and plugging into new ones. Neuroplasticity and epigenetic transcription are changing a great many useless prejudices as well as the study of complex cellular transduction behaviours. It seems that they may not even be able to make sense of single cells just by looking at the individual cells. Much of any single cells function seems dependant on processes that go on elsewhere in the body, for example the brain. There is a hormone produced in the bones that for a long time they could not figure out what it did, what its purpose was. It has no function in the bones themselves. It turns out this material produced in the bones promotes healthy nerve function.

Indeed. Sort of like Indra’s Net. Indra’s net? Everything reflects everything else. The central idea is that all phenomena are intimately connected.

Elsewhere? As in.. other organs? Yes, indeed.

Factor in dark matter and dark energy and this gets even more obtuse. In the end, everything is information so it can get more clear instead of more obtuse. Even though we can’t examine the behaviour of dark matter and energy directly, they, as well as normal baryonic matter, interact and work together to present a coherent field of information.

There is no entropy in our multiverse. If there were some force that served to scramble instead of just differentiate or reinterpret information, if somehow information could be lost, then we would have no universe, no recognizable laws of physics, no viable life functions. The breakdown of information would take off like wildfire and what might have been momentarily something would rapidly become nothing even though that is looking hazy itself. With the discovery of gravity waves, the evidence for an ordered universe gets stronger, an ordered multiverse really, and the concept of an all consuming collapse of reality seems highly unlikely if not impossible. They have done the calculations on how fast reality collapse would happen. You wouldn’t have any time to worry about it. No one would be able to detect it coming.

One blind spot in all this cosmological reasoning, is the idea that the various universes including our own, are somehow sealed. That our laws of physics would have no impact on theirs, or their laws have no impact on ours. There is no reason to believe this.

They’re not sealed at a quantum mechanics level, at least that’s what I hear.

So the idea that all the universes around us have to be lifeless, because the chance of life emerging in our universe was so mathematically unlikely, is unjustified. I offer that in fact the life rule expands quite far and has an ordering influence beyond even the simple formation of individual universes. Our universe is non-deterministic, as are the surrounding universes, not because of some special trait of our universe, but because of interaction and interpenetration of universes. Their range of possibilities expands our own and ours does the same for them.

I ponder “wave” behaviour. Yes, the surprisingly strong gravity waves which they were not expecting to see. Almost as if the dual slit experiment were being conducting even way out at the field of the cosmic background radiation.

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