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We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Divination Opens the Channel in Divination


Our divination systems are like the proverbial butterfly, picking up all the currents? Indeed. The fluttering of any simple system, a flock of birds or school of fish, is sensitive to changes in every other system. Though some information gets lost as the scope of information exchange expands, it’s not lost all together but is functionally unavailable say to a single human being. You can’t really use divination to know the entire mind of god metaphorically speaking, just a small part, just a daydream or mood of the moment. As powerful as that daydream is, it’s still just a small part of the entire body of information we are all enmeshed in.

The information field is fractal. This is why it’s so consistent. Like a huge fractal mandala, as small as our little soul is, it still reflects a key component of the entire system, an important twist or jag in a pattern that repeats itself on all levels for all intents and purposes infinitely. The symbolism is helpful.

You don’t understand reality, no one does, and you don’t have to. What you can achieve is a highly integrated and high functioning virtual reality. You don’t need the things you know to be absolutely true, they just have to be functionally true. It’s like you carry a pack of tarot cards in your mind, depicting the various key concepts that describe life as you know it.

Archetypes Yes, indeed.¬†These archetypes combine and recombine freely though they remain consistent in character. The shadow will continue to act like the shadow irregardless of what it’s paired with. It won’t change it’s mind, because it changes your mind instead.

Now it may seem we are at the mercy of these systems, no? This is where the seeker comes in, the questioner, the eye of Odin, the eye of Ra, the ravens eye. None of these forces and facets of the information field operate in a void. The question you ask is everything. God is the question. The question is the mind at the heart of the dharma wheel around which literally everything spins and dances and takes shape.

So in any act of divination, it’s not the information that matters. The information will always conform to the question. The question both opens the channel as well as narrowing it, focusing it. This is why divination can seem tricky, even deceptive. The universe isn’t trying to be helpful by providing you with information you need to know. There is nothing in charge of all this information to make any decision about what you get or don’t get beyond you. You make that decision. Divination is only as wise as you are, only as broad in space as your own mind. It just throws open the communication channel.

There is no single question, no single thing that governs all information, there are countless questions like atoms in a chemists beaker, all very reactive, some actually active.

In your divination you aren’t just examining the behaviour of your own individual question, your own individual particle, you will also receive information about those questions you are connected to. Your atom and their atoms interact and move as if they were a molecule. This is why divination can give such unexpected responses. There were vectors or paths in motion you didn’t account for in your personal question, but they will still play out, and with wisdom will play a role in your own decision making serving as a step toward achieving your goal rather than the stumbling block people so often feel they inevitably are. For anything you would seek to do, that you can even imagine doing, there is a way it’s possible even if that way is long and convoluted and not practical, it’s still there. This is a Taoist concept by the way. For everything in existence there is a way. If ever it becomes possible it was because it was always possible, and even when it ends it will remain possible. Even physics and math require this to be true.

Did you ever see “How the Bleep Do We Know?” I did, what did you think of it? I find it very useful to expand the range of people’s imagination. That is always useful.¬†It raises questions about everything.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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