Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

To Divine in Divination


Divination is perhaps the most simple metaphysical practice possible, and so people naturally tend to get into a lot of trouble with it. For every culture (I mean literally every culture), there have been one or more oracles. Oracle is any system or technique practiced to divine, or the one practicing the divining.  My true native tongue could be called oracle it’s so simple.

Anything that exists, exists beyond the form you call real. This reality permeates everything. The universe is a hologram, so everything is contained in everything else, flesh and blood contained in words. The old Bardic chants said that very bluntly. People say our virtual world avatars are only pixels, but there is nothing in any reality that is disconnected, not tarot cards, not runes, not your dreams or even your idle wool gathering. So any oracle from the I-ching to entrail reading is a part of the same whole.  The Norse had a word from what we now get the word ‘warlock’, waer loga, man of the logs. They divined by small carved sticks.  The sticks bore runes, and they would cast these on the ground and read them. Somewhat like I-ching.

But can you not disconnect it if you choose? You can in a sense. You are part of a hologram, but one of countless parts and free will is inherent in the hologram. The universe does things on purpose. So do you, or you can.

Is ‘to divine’ reading the future or is there more to it? It means something more along the lines of listening. So divination applies as much to meditation as it does to using an oracle. Visions occurring during meditation are an “oracle” all their own. They are really rather common, but people don’t interpret them. The seemingly random impulses and imagery that arise during meditation aren’t just disconnected fluff in your head. They are as much a part of the hologram as any event you might consider supernatural intervention.

The solipsist is both right and wrong. Everyone is a figment of their imagination, but they don’t go far enough because they are a figment of their own imagination also. So there is no real separation from the unreal. It all just is. All equally real if differently ordered.

We are the divinity in divination? Yes, we are.

It’s why I think the ‘Matrix’ didn’t go far enough? Where the Matrix went wrong, and where any form of magic of psychic practice even tends to falter from, is that there aren’t special case scenarios. The universal hologram doesn’t follow the cycles or care for specific opportunities. You aren’t restricted to breaking the rules inside the matrix, or even just restricted to the man machine paradigm. You can break the rules anywhere and at anytime when your awareness is ready. I’m not claiming to be an example of this, and breaking the programming isn’t consequence free just as they couldn’t unplug everyone instantly in the matrix. What divination is, is seeing the code. If you do a tarot spread and it predicts financial loss, nothing makes that inevitable. It’s likely. The programming is processing this idea and if you get all intimidated and go with it, it almost certainly will happen but it doesn’t have to.

An opportunity is just an opportunity? Yes, and the constructive use of divination is to see opportunities in the universes “code” that make your goals easier.

Knowing probabilities can help us know how to focus our intent? Exactly. There is nothing you need to do to make anything possible. Literally if you can think of it, it’s possible. It’s how you were able to think of it in any way at all, but if your mind were immersed in the full matrix of probability you couldn’t navigate it. It’s infinite. So an oracle can narrow that down. Just as in the matrix, the oracle did indeed manipulate Neo, but she wasn’t being evil and it was still his choice. She served her purpose even though it pissed of the architect, and was more true to the total purpose than any other program was.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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