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There isn’t a war. There is no war in spirit. There are those who are the agents of spirits wrath, and those who are the supporters of spirits peace, and they are not divided.

Way Out in Worry


In truth, there is no such thing as ‘no way out’. In Taoism they compare any situation to a storm. The storm is far more powerful than any human being. If it can’t persist then how can any block be permanent? Seas weren’t permanent, we call them deserts now. But if we accept a block for now, we will free ourselves to still act, still grow. Nothing about the “worry” will go away while we are worried about it, but when we come back later after still having acted and grown, we may find that really we can get past it. Maybe we found the answer when we weren’t looking at the worry. Time tells, but no amount of attention to the process of worry helps. You have your concerns, those items on your list of attention, if you aren’t worrying you see that you are in charge of the list.

This is why things seem easier after a break away from a task? Yes, that is why.

Worries are very common, and we can learn about ourselves from that process. In fact, the process has another side. The positive side of the worry faculty is often called prayer and when praying you can’t worry, because that part of your mind is taken up. It doesn’t have to be of a specific faith, or follow a specific form. Your personal path likely has the equivalent of prayer even if you don’t call it that. The process of hope.

Prayer seen as an appeal to a God for favours isn’t prayer really. Prayer is communion. Prayer is recognition that you are a part of the whole process, and that you don’t even need to ask for an outside intervention. Prayer feeds inspiration. When you are looking for a divine glowing hand to make it all better, it won’t go like that.

Is there any outside intervention possible? Yes. When you are moving with prayer, with “meditation”, you can see that you are a part of the process. When prayer is used “in Gods name”.

“There is nothing to fear of these Demons since they are you, they are your imagination”. Yes, that is prayer. Just take it further. There is nothing that has the opposition, and when you move with it you can see that in this situation that seems to reject you, you are there also and you can then choose with that knowing. When you pray you just affirm that everything is you, but in knowing that everything is you, that isn’t ego. Literally everything is you. This doesn’t give much room for ideas of what you are, but in prayer you can focus on one thing and see more clearly how you are in it. It isn’t wrong to address what is at hand, quite the opposite it respects unity. Prayer/meditation is dancing with the moment. It can allow true apprehension of the next step, and reveal that you were taking the step all along.

Too busy worrying to notice there was nothing to worry about? Worrying is very draining. It is. The energy can be spent on living. It‘s much more enjoyable that way. Your intellect can do more than worry. The mind is truly amazing, but people can’t see that from being busy worrying.

Talking about worries? Ah, talking about a worry by itself doesn’t help, unless it makes you more aware that you are worrying. Those who refuse to speak on their worries still have them. If anything talking about a worry can take the power out of the cycle, slow you down as the effort to express the related ideas makes you more aware of what you were just guessing at.

And limited, but you don’t know that until you see the limits of your own intellect? Yes, you don’t transcend the intellect by denying the intellect.

So this class is very therapeutic, simply talking about it does help? Possibly, if you make it very clear then you can’t stay in automatic mode.

I learned that worrying doesn’t solve problems. They only take away my joy in living, but by that my problems weren’t solved. So now I worry about being too “unworried”. :???: A balance in this is needed I believe? Yes, don’t worry about being, just be. When you speak, just speak.  When you act, just act and just be.  Acceptance allows us to create open space in which to act in. Yay, open space. Don’t leave home without it.

Thank you. It was really helpful. I had a lot of worries, but now I have tools to deal with them. Good.  Well, till next time, don’t worry be happy. That is something you can choose. If you could have your life stand in front of you and your death, you would see two images of yourself. Why not make friends?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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