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There is truth to find. Just because the path isn’t straight doesn’t mean there is no destination. Truth is hidden in plain sight. Finding is still an act we do.

The Question in Divination


When you ask a question (and all oracles have this step) you are already connecting you as a program in the hologram to the oracle. Part of why people often get weird or meaningless divinations is they expect the program of the oracle to tell them the answer. That isn’t how it works. The oracle has no one program save your own.

Most of your time should be spent in determining what question you really want answered? Not to extreme. You can get so focused you actually obscure the reading, and this is why every oracle has a ritual – shuffling tarot cards, incubating a dream, tossing the yarrow or coins.

Just think before you think? Yes, it’s how the oracle works.

You can get so focused you block out options? Yes, you can. You have to be open to what the world will show you. So with the question clear in mind, you perform the set up ritual of your oracle.

Or create options you may not want? Also true, and you let the ritual zero out your mind so that you have no ambiguous thoughts. You just shift into the observer. You can feel the state of receptivity settle.

Without expectations? Yes, just the intention to read the oracle. The intention you set up before you consulted it.

I’ve been to a few psychics that seemed intuitively sound, but then they seemed to get tripped up often in interpretation. Yes, they do. They don’t have a clear sense of the venue they are trying to view.

Listening is in a sense divination. As the oracles answer is revealed, you don’t just focus on the symbolism. You do need to gain your bearings in the symbolisms meaning, but the whole answer is in the question. As you let the question sit in your mind and review the symbolism in the oracle, even a dream, parts of the symbolism will stick out. It will work the same if you are reading for another as if you are reading for yourself, though it might be easier for another because you aren’t as emotional about it and the identification of symbols just comes.

Patterns emerge over time? As you intuitively process the symbols. And the layout does matter. As they say, the text has meaning only in the context of the page, as well as the question. If you lay out three cards that by itself does have meaning. If you lay out a cross spread it follows human body language. If a linear spread, it’s human linear thinking and sometimes you won’t be able to get a good reading. Part of the skill of divination is recognizing when things are just very muddy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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