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Evolutionary Pressures in Alchemy

Alchemical Life

Alchemists were very much students of life, and as much as they revered what appeared to them to be a naturally self perpetuating order in the world, they also observed what we now would call evolutionary pressures as is certainly in evidence. What is now commonly thought of as evolution can go to some very strange extremes, and I personally am not convinced that it’s all about natural selection or survival optimization. I see things like the platypus as evidence of that, and with the radical climate change now occurring they are having a chance to observe just how fast supposed evolution can take place – much faster than previously thought.

Have you been following this also? Yes, I’ve noticed things changing rapidly.

Chimeras, as much as we are generating them in the labs right now, are naturally occurring as well. The behaviour of the alchemical forces or spirits is not confined to the narrowly restricted paths people have imagined them to follow. Even the progress of viral and bacterial life illustrates this. They have even found samples of viruses that form protective pockets not unlike our cell walls. Mega-viruses I think they call them, referring to their size, not their threat level. So far none have been found that can infect humans. So chimeras, alchemically speaking, would be the equivalent of a genetic scripting protocol.

I offer that the supposed stability of evolution was not so uniform or universal even in the course of human history, and early human scholars (if we must call them that) may have observed – what’s the term for it – the general term for creatures like Bigfoot?

Crypto? Cryptids, yes. Our ancestors may have observed and attempted to analyze and record their experiences with cryptids throughout human history. Creatures like the Grendel from Germanic legend may have been a hominid cryptid, but of course they also may have made some mistaken assumptions. Remember they saw every process of change as being driven by spirits/agents, so when the cryptid they observed seemed to be living in a blighted area, even a wasteland, they may have attributed that condition to the presence of the cryptid rather than the blight being the cause of the cryptids birth. Living cells can combine in ways that we have never before imagined possible, and they do so in nature as well as under experimental prompting leading to things like a single kitten with multiple sires.

How are chimeras like a scripting protocol? The chimera is not automatically sterile, so when they breed their code is the byproduct not of two sources, but three or more, increasing the degree of variance even further.

There was an example of this in a human recently. She herself was a chimera, gave birth to offspring that didn’t test as being energetically related to her, so there was some suspicion of kidnapping when she later sought medical help for her offspring. No such thing happened and they figured the issue out fortunately.

The alternative theory of symbiogenesis reflects the old alchemical model even better than the current view does. In the symbiogenesis theory, all genetic code, all possible genetic traits, ultimately form part of a great collective pool not unlike the alembic in alchemy. This pooling and mixing of various genetic agents, cohesive elements of genetic code, might be seen as what gives rise to sea slugs that ingest algae until they photosynthesize, or organisms that carry the genetic code of a parasite and when the organism reproduces so does the parasite species. They’re symbiotic now. Though the parasite doesn’t seem to contribute directly to the host species well being, it doesn’t harm it either. Would that be one or two organisms? The organism I speak of is a species of jellyfish.

Probably many organisms started out as one but we think of them as two now… err… I mean the opposite. Likely both are true.

So this process of cross pollination, infection if taken from the negative point of view, is symbolized by the figure of the wyvern which also shows up as the oroborus depicted as a winged serpent with the head of a dragon as its breath/spirit/action was seen as having a pervasive influence.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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