'Alchemy' Chapter

Alchemical Life

Alchemy is one of the corner stones of natural philosophy. The grandfather discipline of science. In it they operated on some metaphysical presumptions of the structure and virtues of matter. I see that as intuition getting the jump on reason as it often does. Regrettably it doesn’t fill in the blanks in between. At least not for most people.

How did the alchemists take into account the full picture? They used more in the way of inductive logic than deductive.

Alchemy is now possible as well as quantum teleportation. But with these changes, which support Hermeticism more than classical Platonism, people still adhere to a “science” based on primarily Platonic concepts. You can thank Roman Catholicism for that. Politically correct science for the masses. It is very amusing to me.

“If by fire Of sooty coal th’ empiric alchymist Can turn, or holds it possible to turn, Metals of drossiest ore to perfect gold.” John Milton, Paradise Lost

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy uses a series of beliefs that I myself practice. Both intuitive and literal observations of matter and the natural world, but it is more focused on artifice. It even had a doctrine that doesn’t really defy common sense; That… Seek More

Science, Spirit, Energy and Matter

Alchemy can be applied widely, and it’s more a way of thinking or philosophy rather then ‘stir a pot and out comes gold’ as it’s usually portrayed. The association with making gold was narrow even in the heyday of alchemy.… Seek More

The Keys of Alchemy

Did alchemists really try to change matter to something else like gold? They experimented with matter to confirm or refute their theories. What were their theories? A cycle of creation, or arising. The elements didn’t all just pop up, they… Seek More

Reverse Manifestation

To start with, is anyone already familiar with alchemy? What metaphysics is to physics, alchemy is to chemistry, and as much as they might deny it, there are metaphysical assumptions running just as rampant now as there always have been.… Seek More

First Matter

There is a lot of religious symbolism that came to be admixed with alchemical lore as was perhaps inevitable. Much of Christian Gnosticism is heavy with alchemical symbolism, and with that connection, we move on to the philosopher’s stone itself.… Seek More

All is One

Alchemy was dual sided. On the flip side of alchemy with all its concern over material structure and physical evolution and behaviour, you have the concern for a mystery element, one that actually came to the fore more in eastern… Seek More

Gold Standard

Shall we talk about the significance of gold in alchemy? Sidebar first: In Egypt, where alchemy as we know it had its origin, gold was valued less than glass. It’s pretty significant in modern science too. Indeed, it is. The… Seek More

Naturalistic vs Heuristic

Could you explain what you mean by naturalistic and heuristic? A heuristic is a cognitive bias. It’s simply the rule set our brains form without even trying. Each of these “rules” was intuited to be an elemental component of the… Seek More

Alchemical Life

Life is a strange thing. Even today we have yet to establish a clear definition of life from inanimate matter. We know life to experience it, but there is no concrete physical trait that identifies it for what it is.… Seek More

Evolutionary Pressures

Alchemists were very much students of life, and as much as they revered what appeared to them to be a naturally self perpetuating order in the world, they also observed what we now would call evolutionary pressures as is certainly… Seek More