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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Intuitive Perceptions of Alchemists in Alchemy

Alchemical Life

The process of attaining the philosophers stone was always described as being very dangerous as the different elements required to refine it were poisonous in their individual forms not unlike salt is in modern thinking… Actually, the concept of salt had a much broader application in alchemy. The crystallized product of anything once distilled was referred to as a salt.

Recently, they have found in their efforts at nanoengineering that they can make crystals that seem to display elements of life even to the point of being able to exist inside cells or host living cells inside them. What do you think of this? They are anticipating uses for the crystal with a circulatory system in quantum computing.

What elements of life? Ah, the way they order and drive the behaviour of the particles in their composition. They develop dynamics that they are theorizing also take place in living genetics and biological processes, none in nature.

What crystal has a circulatory system? I don’t recall the material basis they used to make the circulating liquid crystal. They intend to extrapolate what they observe there in their efforts to engineer more nano-pumps going forward, but this paradox has always played out in nature. The wyverns venomous breath is also the breath of life, of renewal, and accelerated evolution. It was only death to the ignorant who could also be called the blind. It might have been a metaphor for the alchemists view of those who only acknowledged the obvious in anything they saw, as most people of the day and age were either unwilling or unable to investigate things as deeply as alchemists did.

More and more the alchemists look to have been right, if not in their literal language then in their intuitive perception and direction of investigation even to the point of their new theories being formed around how gravity may have driven the formation of life as well as imparting its actual structure and physical traits. And what would quantum entanglement be other than transfer of essences?

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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