Identification of form. Form arises from spirit. Not spirit from form.

Explicit and Implicit Map in Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

People tend to have really unusually changes of perception when under unusual stress. An otherwise down to earth person can begin to “see” presences that may or may not be there, and when whole communities are under such great stress, it can in theory result in mass hysteria which means everyone begins to have what might be viewed as bent perception.

A lot of things can be bent perception, like religion. Yet every evidence points to religion being an innate and instinctive part of the human psyche, or neuro-psychiatric constitution, as much as they dislike that. Some think that I advocate a relativistic or subjectivist view of the world and reality, so perhaps I can kill two birds with one stone.

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Why have we given up fairy tales?

If it can’t be observed and measured, it doesn’t have weight? And they are even ignoring their observation and measuring equipment from time to time as well, like the recent particle collider findings.

Shall we discuss what I know of fairy tales? I mean personally. First, I will offer that the legends and lore can’t even agree on what fairies are exactly. They just report strained relationships with another type of people that they would encounter on an almost regular basis, and well, the world doesn’t function in a homogenous way. It never really has.

Some people advanced faster than others, some developed differently than the people we now consider our ancestors, and each species develops relationships with its environment in what could be considered its own unique way.

The world has both an explicit map and an implicit map, sort of like David Bohms implicit and explicit order, and humanity has run afoul of things it doesn’t understand, and will in the future as well.

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Travis Saunders
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