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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Elf Shot in Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Everyone familiar with the Kennedy assassination? Does it really matter as much where the bullets came from as it does what the outcome was?

The fairy tale connection is with a concept called elf shot. It was believed that if you angered the other people, they had the means to shoot you. Not in the mundane sense, but more like shooting someone the evil eye, and it would cause some bad course of events to occur. That is why I said earlier that fairy tales are not about fairies, they are about fates.

What exactly is the evil eye? It’s simply focused, intense ill will. A curse? Yes.

Now as human beings go about their mundane lives, it creates not only the normal chain of cause and effect, but an additional strain on the environment, like dropping a heavy twig into a spider web. Some of this stress is still in order, as the other levels of reality parallel ours in some of those ways, but humans tend to be blind to stress induced trauma inflicted on the environment. By environment, I don’t mean just the organic, ecosystems and such, I mean the social or psychic as well. Fairies are notorious for hating the use of curse words, things like that.

They don’t like it when I curse? They do not, but they also do not like many of the current human social trends. They haven’t much liked any of it since the industrial revolution.

Who knew fairies were so conservative? It’s not a moral judgement. They don’t care about human morality. It’s what goes along with the state of mind they despise, though their methods of dealing with it vary.

Vulgarity? We call it being potty mouthed and think we are being figurative. From their point of view, we have just taken a crap in their lawn, and that brings us back to the fabric of universal reality.

All the more to fertilize it. Too much fertilizer sterilizes the soil, and humans make way too much fertilizer.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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